What is a HydraFacial treatment?

What is a HydraFacial treatment?

In this video, we will be answering the question of: What is a HydraFacial treatment?

HydraFacial is an award-winning, revolutionary, and anti-aging treatment that combines the best of the best in skin care products and technology.

HydraFacial “is more than a facial” it’s a great way to softly exfoliate, intensely hydrate, reduce the appearance of fine lines on the skin, and give it that extra boost that it needs.

If you’re interested in learning more about this advanced treatment, listen to the video to find out more about this beauty breakthrough!

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Leanne: Amazing! So I think let’s jump straight into it. Why don’t we? So I think the first question is basically a lot of people maybe don’t understand exactly what is a hydra facial treatment. So I don’t know about you, Lytsa, but I kind of…you know a Hydrafacial, It’s not really a normal facial. It’s different to a more advanced facial in terms of it’s more deep cleansing. We’re helping to get rid of the dead skin cells. We’re helping to hydrate the skin with the serum booster. So it’s definitely…and we got the LED lights. So I feel it’s definitely more advanced than a normal facial. Sort of like what are your thoughts and what’s your opinion on the Hydrafacial?

Lytsa: Yeah I agree with that. And actually, I would add to that, that’s what I say to all my clients, I think is the most complete facial in the market right now, because basically it’s like you have six minute facial, like six very important steps that you have you in like different facials they have to purchase on your own. And with the Hydrafacial, you can have the six of them all at once. And still there’s no downtime. So it’s very beneficial to your skin, it’s not very harsh. And so it’s not an olive red like a tomato. You’re ready for the day. And I think it’s very complete, actually.

Leanne: Yeah, exactly. I think I’ll just jump in any time. I’m just briefly going to give people an idea of exactly what it is in terms of the steps. But basically, we just we cleanse the skin. We then go into a vacuum, suction, lymph drainage, massage. And all that is, is the lymphatic system is the toxin draining system in the body. So because we’re doing the deep cleansing, we want to get that lymphatic drainage going nicely in the skin so that it drains all the toxins and does that nice detoxifying in the skin. We then move on to doing a bit of an exfoliation. So this is to help get rid of the surface dead skin cells. We apply a very, very mild peel. It’s got lactic acid and salicylic, but they’re in very small percentages. And all this does is those two acids. All they do is they just break the bonds between your skin cells so that your skin cells can actually be exfoliated off the skin more easily so that products will penetrate better. Your skin will look more healthy, not as dull. We then do extractions with the actual Hydrafacial machine. So this probably leads into a later question. But we do do extractions in terms of with blackheads on the skin, just a bit of congestion, and then we move on to the beautiful hydrating serum booster on the skin. So this is there to help plump up the skin, moisturize, hydrate, and then we finish with our LED lights, which is really nice. We can do blue, which helps with breakouts and a bit of acne as it kills off the bacteria, or we can do the red lights and the red light is there to reduce inflammation, reduce a bit of redness, promote a bit of collagen stimulation. So, yeah, I agree with you. Definitely an all around treatment.

Lytsa: Yeah, it’s very, very complete.

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