Is hydrafacial better than a regular facial?

Is HydraFacial better than a regular facial?

HydraFacial is a non-invasive treatment that deeply hydrates the skin and removes dirt from pores, but does Hydrafacial work better than a regular facial?

In this episode of Hannah London’s Podcast, we share a first-hand experience of HydraFacial treatment and why we love it so much.

Listen in to hear how HydraFacial can help achieve the perfect skin and how you can get started today with Hannah London Medi Spa and Aesthetic Clinic in London!

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Yeah. So that’s kind of actually leads into one of the other questions. We’ve kind of answered it slightly, is a hydrafacial better than a regular facial. Oh yeah. Sorry. I forgot. [inaudible]


Sorry. Very technical guys.


To be, we try to be as in-depth as possible, then we kind of go a little bit more and then sort of like, forget that, you know, there’s more questions to come. Yeah. No, but I agree in terms of the answer is a hundred percent yes. HydraFacial is way more beneficial and better than a normal facial, like Lytsa was saying, it’s your normal facials, yes, they’re using serums and that, but they exfoliate, but they’re not exfoliating deep into the skin. And it’s a more of a pamper. It’s more of a relax, whereas HydraFacial is more of a treatment. It actually goes in deeper. It’s helping to actually with the, you know, with the serums and the chemical peels and stuff that we use, we’re getting rid of more layers of dead skin cells. We’re pushing serums much deeper into the skin. So way more beneficial than a normal facial. I feel.


Yeah, me too, as I said, well, I pretty much answered, but yeah. That’s how it, usually the feedback that I get from my clients is that they can actually feel while the treatment has been performed. They’re like their skin has been hoovered. It’s like a weird sensation. Like is like my face is getting hoovered and at the same time it’s getting wet. So cause that’s what the HydraFacial is about. I’m removing the dirt, but at the same time I’m repairing the skin. I’m constantly repairing, I’m removing and I’m repairing. Yeah. We are constantly treating. So definitely a way more beneficial than all the facials. It’s the most modern facial on the market right now, it’s very complete.


Yeah, and you can do so many different things with it.


The range of the peels. Yeah. Right now they even released like a new one with, I think it was partnership with Dr. Murad.


Yeah. That’s the thing is they’ve got so many serums. Like we, you know, I will go, we can go into more detail of that at some point as well, but you know, there’s retinol based ones, there’s ones for rosacea. There’s ones for sort of anti aging, hyaluronic acid for boosting the skin in terms of moisture and plumping the skin. So honestly, you know, way better and way more advanced than your normal standard facials.

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