• clean
• exfoliate and extract
• moisturise

What is a back facial?

A back facial is a relaxing treatment that targets an often-neglected body part: the back. There are  countless benefits to this multitasking facial firstly, the massaging releases endorphins and eases any  muscle tension. 

Our backs deserve so much more care, so we have implemented this effective facial  treatment which is designed to clean, exfoliate, extract and moisturise our beloved backs. 

This hard to-reach area is prone to breakouts, blackheads and dry skin so each step in our back facial  procedure is catered to overcome every one of these common problems. So, unwind and show your  back some love with this new treatment!

How long does a back facial take and what is the downtime?

This treatment lasts around 60 minutes however, the time does vary. The downtime is extremely minimal which means you can get straight back into your daily routine after having this lovely  treatment done.

What is the procedure when getting a back facial?

The steps in this treatment are like those in a regular facial.

Our aestheticians begin this calming facial by gently steaming the back. Steaming is important  because it helps to open the pores, this allows for an easier extraction of any built-up dirt, dead skin  cells, sebum and pesky blackheads. 

The warm steam also promotes better blood circulation and the  release of toxins, it is proven that the increase in temperature and blood circulation results in products being better absorbed into the skin, this means any products you apply to your back will  work more efficiently. 

Steaming alone will already give you a great natural glow and fresh feeling.

Step two involves our aestheticians applying a coat of hydrating cleanser to the skin. 

The cleanser is  used to strip away any impurities like dirt, sweat and dead skin cells from the skin and to provide  intense moisture. 

After softly massaging the cleanser around the skin, making sure to reach all the  hard-to-get spots, we then remove the cleanser with a warm and damp towel.

After cleaning our backs, they are primed for exfoliation. In step three our aestheticians will use an  exfoliating device across the back. 

Exfoliation is a vital step in everyone’s skincare routine, and we  know how hard it can be to properly exfoliate the back by yourself. 

Exfoliation is very important for  several reasons the first being, it removes the barrier of dead skin cells which leads to clogged pores  and bacteria accumulating, which are things nobody wants. 

When you remove old and dead skin  cells this reveals new ones below, this process is key in achieving bright and dewy skin with an even  tone and smooth texture.

At this stage our aestheticians will carefully massage a special mask packed with a combination of  valuable ingredients designed to further exfoliate the skin and help it get back its shine and softness. 

At this stage our aestheticians will carefully massage a special mask packed with a combination of  valuable ingredients designed to further exfoliate the skin and help it get back its shine and softness. 

Once the extractions have been completed, we implement LED light therapy which helps to calm any irritation which may have been caused during the exfoliation or extraction phases. 

LED light therapy  also kills acne causing bacteria which may still be lingering on the skin and decreases production of  oil in the sebaceous glands which would have later gone on to block hair follicles and cause acne. 

The LED lights act on fibroblasts which are cells in the skin that secrete collagen proteins. Collagen is  a very important protein responsible for the hydration and strength of your skin. 

Our aestheticians complete the back facial by massaging a moisturising serum into the skin, which  will now be absorbed deeper thanks to the previous steps. 

Back Facial Treatment Before & After

Back Facial London Before and After

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Frequently Asked Questions

Let us answer some of the questions you may have below.

What to do before getting a back facial?

Patients are encouraged to shower before the facial in order to start loosening the pores and must  avoid making the skin too sensitive so are recommended to not shave right before the treatment. 

What to do after getting a back facial?

After this treatment it is important to keep the skin hydrated and to maintain regular exfoliation. After a facial the skin is very sensitive and fresh, so in order to not irritate it patients must avoid  sunbathing, attending saunas and any form of hair removal until at least 24 to 48 hours after the  facial.

Who is the ideal candidate for a back facial?

This facial is perfect for those who want a relaxing treatment that will aid in blackhead removal and  skin rejuvenation and hydration. This treatment will help you get a better skin complexion ready to  wear those backless and strapless outfits! 

How often do I need to get a back facial?

Patients are recommended to get back facials every 4 to 8 weeks but they can be done as soon as 2  weeks after the last facial. 

Are there any side effects of getting a back facial?

The back facial is an extremely safe treatment with no serious side effects. Some patients may have  some redness or sensitivity directly after the treatment however, this will quickly pass. 

Do back facials hurt?

Back facials are a pain free experience, but some patients may feel slight pain during the extraction  phase however, this does not last a long time and the pain will quickly pass. 

How much does a back facial cost?

Single Session £195

Course of Four £695

Course of Six £1,145


HydraFacial for Back £195 £450 £850

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