Jalupro skin booster treatment brings its unique bio revitalising action, to plump, hydrate and retexturize your skin in targeted areas.

Restore natural volume to your skin
Correct deeper wrinkles, sun damage and scarring
Reduce the appearance of eye bags
Deeply hydrate your skin

Treatment Explained

Jalupro treatment London

Jalupro is an injectable skin booster treatment with a unique bio revitalising action.

This means that Jalupro stimulates the skin’s natural ability to regenerate, through producing collagen. The result is deeply hydrated, plump, and smooth skin. 

With its ability to retexturize the skin, Jalupro is highly effective at treating deeper wrinkles, sun damaged or acne scarred skin.

JaluTox treatment combines the deeply hydrating properties of Jalupro Classic with a micro dose of botox. The result is a reduction in fine lines, along with improved skin resilience and reduced redness. 

Jalupro Classic is particularly suitable for younger skin, which is showing the initial signs of ageing. Jalupro HMW contains a higher concentration of hyaluronic acid which is beneficial for more mature skin to address deeper lines or scarring. 

Jalupro Super Hydro provides intense hydration. It contains 80mg of high molecular weight hyaluronic acid. This exceeds the concentration in Profhilo, which contains 64mg of hyaluronic acid, and is known for its skin lifting and regenerative properties. 

Our expert practitioner will recommend the best Jalupro treatment for your skin type and desired results. 

We offer Jalupro treatment in Harley Street and Colindale, London. You’ll have your treatment at one of our luxurious, award-winning aesthetic clinics, led by Dr Kaywaan Khan.


Jalupro London,
treatment overview

Group 218

Benefit Duration

Up to 6 months

Group 214

Treatment Time

15-30 minutes

Group 216


Minimal (your practitioner will advise)

Group 213

Treatment Type

Injectable skin booster

Group 217



Group 215

Treatment Areas

Face, neck, décolletage, inner arms, hands, inner thighs, stomach, and knees

Group 141

Jalupro treatment Harley street, treatment benefits

The ingredients in Jalupro stimulate production of collagen to achieve a volumising effect on your skin. This process of regeneration continues following your treatment to have a prolonged, rejuvenating effect. 

Jalupro can be used to treat the face, neck, décolletage, inner arms, hands, inner thighs, stomach, and knees.

Jalupro has several rejuvenating benefits:

  • Deep hydration

    The hyaluronic acid in Jalupro is deeply hydrating. The health and vitality of your skin is instantly improved, leaving it feeling soft and plumped.

  • Bio revitalisation

    Jalupro’s unique blend of ingredients include hyaluronic and amino acids.  

    This combination is highly effective for areas of the skin where there are deeper wrinkles caused by the ageing process, or where marks have formed through sun damage or acne scarring. 

    Jalupro’s formulation stimulates a specific process in your skin, which influences its natural ability to regenerate. This effect continues following treatment, to achieve prolonged rejuvenation.

Jalupro Harley Street prices

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Jalupro SuperHydro Full Face  £300
Jalupro HMW (BAP technique) £350
JaluTox eyes £300
JaluTox Full Face £450
Jalupro Neck and Body from £450

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The science behind
Jalupro skin booster treatment

The combination of hyaluronic acid and amino acids in Jalupro stimulate dermal cells called fibroblasts to produce collagen. 

Fibroblasts are cells within the subcutaneous connective tissue in our skin. These cells produce collagen with the support of amino acids, and are responsible for our skin’s structure and tone. 

The natural ageing process, and factors such as sun exposure, impact the production of collagen in the skin, causing loss of volume, and lines and folds to form.

Jalupro’s bio revitalisation process combines hyaluronic acid with essential amino acids to feed the fibroblasts, and help restore skin hydration, health and vitality.

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  • What is Jalupro?

    Jalupro is an injectable skin booster treatment containing hyaluronic and amino acids.
    It has a unique bio revitalising action in the skin to stimulate collagen production. This results in firmer, smoother skin and reduced appearance of wrinkles, sun damage and scarring.

  • Who is Jalupro treatment suitable for?

    Jalupro skin booster treatment is ideal for patients with deeper lines and wrinkles, skin laxity, or areas of sun damage and acne scarring, who wish to improve the health and texture of their skin.

    Jalupro can be used to treat the face, neck, décolletage, inner arms, hands, inner thighs, stomach, and knees.

  • Is treatment with Jalupro safe?

    Skin boosters are usually safe and effective. There can be some risks with any skin injectables. However, when skin boosters are administered by a trained medical professional, risks are minimised.

  • How many treatment sessions do I need?

    We will recommend a course of treatment tailored to your specific skin type and desired results.
    In general, patients require 2 or 3 initial treatments over a 3 to 4 week period.

  • Does Jalupro treatment hurt?

    There may be slight discomfort during treatment, but this is minimised by the application of a topical anaesthetic cream beforehand.

  • When will I see the results?

    Results of Jalupro skin booster treatment are visible within 7 to 10 days.
    It can take a few weeks before the full results come to fruition.

  • What are the pre-treatment requirements and advice?

    You will have a pre-treatment health check with us to ensure your suitability for treatment.

    Please inform us of any significant health problems or neuromuscular conditions you may have.

    Jalupro treatment may be unsuitable for you if you are taking certain medication.

    Prior to your treatment taking place, to reduce any risk of infection, the treatment area should be hair and make-up free. Therefore, we advise that you should shave and remove any make-up before arriving at your appointment.

    You may wish to take paracetamol one hour prior to arrival to minimise discomfort during the procedure. When you arrive at our clinic we may apply a numbing cream which can take up to 30 minutes to take effect.

    Smoking or alcohol may affect the healing process. Therefore, these are best avoided prior to and at least one week after the treatment.

  • What are the side effects of Jalupro treatment?

    Most patients will experience some tenderness and swelling around the injection sites following their Jalupro treatment. This should resolve within the first 24 hours, but may continue for up to a week.

    After this, you may notice some slight redness over a few days following treatment, whilst the skin is healing.

    Any bruising that occurs can take up to 2 weeks to resolve. We recommend applying aloe vera gel/arnica ointment and cold packs to hasten recovery.

  • What aftercare is required?

    Your practitioner will give you full information about any aftercare requirements following your Jalupro treatment.

    You should avoid touching the treatment area until 6 hours after the treatment. After this period, the area can be gently washed with soap and water and light make-up can be applied.

    Whilst the initial swelling and redness are healing, do not expose the treated area to intense heat (such as a solarium or sunbathing) or extreme cold.

    For the first 4 hours following treatment, you should avoid bending or lying excessively. Vigorous exercise should be avoided for at least 24 hours.

  • How long does Jalupro treatment last?

    The effects of Jalupro treatment augment over a few weeks following the initial course of treatment. 

    The results can last up to 6 months.

  • Has Jalupro treatment ever gone wrong?

    The benefits of Jalupro skin booster treatment include:
    ● Restored skin volume
    ● Deeper wrinkles are corrected, sun damage and scarring are improved
    ● Reduced appearance of dark circles and eye bags
    ● Deeply hydrated skin

  • Has Jalupro treatment ever gone wrong?

    We're not aware of any problems following treatment, where it was administered by a trained medical professional.

  • What does Jalupro treatment cost?

    Please see above for our price list for treatment with Jalupro skin booster treatment.

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