1. A series of steps and stages to stunning skin
  2. Cleanses, exfoliates, peels, extracts, protects and more
  3. See the results as blackheads are literally extracted from your face
A series of steps and stages to stunning skin
Cleanses, exfoliates, peels, extracts, protects and more
See the results as debris is literally extracted from your face

HydraFacial at Hannah London

We love being able to offer the hugely popular HydraFacial treatment at our luxurious medispa. Chosen by famous faces all around the world, it is sure to leave you with gorgeously glowing skin complete with a beautiful radiance.


It goes through many stages during the treatment and results in what is called a ‘gunkie’. This is where you can see the dirt, debris and dead skin cells which are extracted from your face during the relaxing treatment.




HydraFacial Steps

Cleansing and Exfoliation

To begin, your skin is cleansed and exfoliated to remove the surface layer of dead skin cells and any residue from the likes of makeup and skin products that aren’t always fully removed by traditional methods such as makeup wipes. These elements form part of the debris that you will see gathered in the tube at the end of your treatment. Known as a ‘gunkie’, it shows the impurities which are extracted from your skin (many clients like to take selfies with their gunkies!).

Skin Peel

Next, a skin peel is used to target the deeper dermal layers to give you the next level of stunning skincare. This works to reach the layers of the skin that over the counter products and home exfoliation can’t always get to; ensuring that your skin is primed to perfection to glow from the inside out. The skin peel stage also prepares your skin for the next steps in the treatment, making it ready to receive even more benefits while working to target and treat acne and more.


The famous extraction stage uses a suctioning technique to literally vacuum out dirt and blackheads from your skin. Living in an urban environment such as a town or city can contribute to this, with virtually invisible particles clogging pores. Excess oil is also targeted at this stage too, so that the skin on your face is freed from the likes of blemishes and external factors that stop it from radiating the gorgeous glow that it is possible to achieve.


The last main stage is that of the serum application. Following the previous steps which have perfectly primed the skin of your face and freed it from impurities; it is now ready to be protected and sealed with the HydraFacial serums. They work to nourish the skin while the deeper dermal layers are ready to absorb them and avail of their beautiful boosts and benefits. They leave your skin refreshed and revitalised with a gorgeous glow and radiant aesthetic.

How much does HydraFacial cost?
HydraFacial £140
Perk add on £39
Hydradermie add on £49



Fabulous facial. My practitioner was gentle, friendly and obviously passionate about her profession. She was very knowledgeable and I enjoyed her recommendations. Hannah London was elegantly decorated. I would love to come back to try out their other services!'
C. Lim
My go-to skin centre was busy but Hannah London was able to squeeze me in. I met with my skin care therapist where we discussed my skin type and what I would like to achieve. I only wanted to declog my pores and have a really good deep clean. She was able to advise me on the best facial to have and on how to look after my skin better. Her technique was very good and she even threw in a little bit of massage to help me relax. I had a lovely time and will definitely be back.'
The Spa itself is pristine and luxurious. & smells nice! Greeted by the owner herself, Shireen, instantly put me at ease because of her knowledge & passion in beauty. Would highly recommend the facials as they are really tailored to suit your personal type of skin, and the staff are patient in identifying this - much appreciated. I will definitely be visiting regularly, and with friends. Thank you!'


Thank you for taking the time to visit Hannah London. We hope you now have a feel of the unforgettable Hannah London experience – a unique blend of skincare knowledge and expertise, and an extensive range of aesthetic, face and body treatments that deliver truly amazing results, all set in our luxurious medispa.

If you have any questions about any of the treatment we offer, we’d love to hear from you.

HydraFacial Before and After Gallery

Slide left to right to see our HydraFacial before and afters.

*Disclaimer: Results and patient experience may vary. These are dependent on a number of factors such as age, medical history and lifestyle.

*Disclaimer: Results and patient experience may vary. These are dependent on a number of factors such as age, medical history and lifestyle.

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