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What are the main steps of a WOW Facial and HydraFacial?

Are you looking for a way to rejuvenate your skin? Whether you’ve noticed fine lines, wrinkles, or a dull complexion, a facial is a great way to rejuvenate your skin. If you’ve ever been to Hannah London Medi Spa or an aesthetic clinic-like place, you’ve probably heard about a facial or a skin treatment called a “hydrafacial” or a “WOW facial”. But have you wondered what exactly happens during a WOW Facial or Hydrafacial?

In this episode of Hannah London’s Podcast, we answer the question

What are the main steps of a WOW Facial and HydraFacial?

Watch the video to find out.

Najet: Wow that sounds amazing. So to sum it up what are the main steps of the WOW Facial and the HydraFacial?  Lauren: So the main steps in both they both include a chemical peel but the one in the WOW Facial is a lot more intense, I would say in terms it’s more results-driven the chemical peel within the HydraFacial is important but it’s not as strong. Also, there is needling within the WOW Facial. There’s no needling within the HydraFacial and this is going to help to treat scarring maybe also to allow products to penetrate more deeply we’re going to be using very sterile hyaluronic acid to a needle that into the skin with the HydraFacial there is very little downtime. With the WOW Facial, you can have a bit more downtime but we can recommend both of these. We can also customize WOW Facial to make it medical, and what that means is one of our medical professionals can actually use Botox inside the WOW Facial to treat consent such as rosacea blushing and also refining the appearance of pores. 

This video is part of Hannah London’s Podcast series on Hydrafacial vs WOW Facial Q&A EP.1.

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