How long does HydraFacial last?

How long doesHydraFacial last?

If you’re interested in the HydraFacial but not sure if it’s right for you, in this episode of Hannah London’s Podcast we discuss the longevity of the treatment and how long it lasts.

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So let’s have a look at what else we have, how long does a HydraFacial last? So that question to me could be two parts in terms of how long is the treatment and how long do the effects last? Yep. So I would say if we look at the first part, how long does the treatment last obviously depends where you go. Some people are different, but generally your HydraFacials are an hour long.


Yeah, we booked for one hour. For me, the part that takes longer and a HydraFacial is of course the black head removal. I swear, depends like how congested is the skin, if we’re going to need to, if the client wants to do an add on, of manual extractions, we’re going to get to the part later on about blackheads and whiteheads and how deep can HydraFacial go to remove them. But yeah, the part that takes longest is definitely the extraction. So usually we book for one hour, but if the client’s skin is pretty clear and not that congested like roughly sometimes we can finish like in 45.


Yeah 45 minutes minimum an hour, probably I wouldn’t say max, but you know, between 45 minutes and an hour, I would say, yeah, perfect. If we then talk about how long the effect lasts and it’s definitely better than just a normal standard facial. So your results are definitely going to last longer. I would probably say your HydraFacial effects probably last what two or three weeks.


Two or Three weeks, they always say the downtime should be at least a two to four weeks or in overall just get once a month for maintenance, because of course the oil is going to come back and also that the new blackheads will start to build up on the pores again. So one month should be fine towards deep cleansing, but of course, if you’re doing it regularly, if you have a course and if we increase the peels percentage, you’re actually treating the skin. So you’re going to need less. Like we can increase that gap as well. It can be every six weeks.


Yeah. So generally I would say after having a facial, the results will, will last between two to three weeks because it’s a lot more involved than just a normal facial. We definitely take off more layers of dead skin cells. We’re using the chemical peels that we’ve, you’ve got the hyaluronic acid booster. So that actually, you know, the serum penetrates a lot deeper into the skin. So the results will definitely last longer than a normal standard facial that you go and have at sort of, you know, some of the normal beauty salons.


Yeah. Because usually like the normal patients, when we do like a more relaxing one, uh, anything apart HydraFacial is not as not treating your skin. But if it’s just for relaxation is mainly the creams that gives you the glow, the creams you like gives you the dewy glowy skin, but with hydrafacial, you can feel it, your skin fresh. It’s amazing how you feel it like from inside out, you leave the bed, we finished the treatment, you are completely dry. And my client says that they still feel as if there was water, cold water onto their skins and they are completely glowy. And it’s not because of the moisturizer, it’s the facial, the combination of the serum. So it’s actually treating your skin from inside out.

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