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What is WOW Facial?

The WOW Facial is the ultimate and transformational WOW factor skin treatment that cleanses and treats with the help of skin peels, mesotherapy, LED light, and WOW Fusion products. This facial gives you an instant WOW effect by giving you glowing skin, collagen stimulation, and wrinkle prevention.

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What is WOW Facial?

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Najet: So what is the WOW Facial? Lauren: So the WOW Facial is quite a new treatment and it helps to treat lots of different things. What’s really special about it is it’s completely bespoke depending on your client’s needs. So it’s six steps that include cleansing prepping, a peel and we have a range of different peels to treat different things such as hyperpigmentation, acne also anti-aging, brightening, clarifying, scarring, so many different things. We then move on to some Mesotherapy with 24 karat gold needles and we use a cocktail of different vitamins, hyaluronic acid. Solutions to treat pigmentation, solutions to treat scarring, anti-aging, and then we move on to led light therapy. We can choose between red and blue. Then one of the main steps is the WOW sheet mask which has stem cells inside and this is really good for calming the skin, rejuvenating, boosting collagen production, and then protect which is the final step of aftercare products and sunscreens.

This video is part of Hannah London’s Podcast series on Hydrafacial vs WOW Facial Q&A EP.1.

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