Does hydrafacial help acne

Does HydraFacial help acne?

DoesHydraFacial help acne?

In this episode we answer the question “Does HydraFacial help acne?” on Hannah London Podcast.

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But anyway, we digress, let’s go back to our normal list and see, so the next one is, does a HydraFacial help acne?


I would say,


Yes,HydraFacial can help with acne. Of course we cannot perform HydraFacial on top of active acne as we cannot perform any facial on top of active acne, because we end up spreading it. We can spread the bacteria, especially what’s active acne, by the way? Usually when you have those breakouts that has yellow puss and it’s so, and it’s like all over the face. So if we do anything on top of that, we can spread the bacteria and you’re going to end up having more acne or even cysts. So, but if it’s very controlled and is literally just been paused or just, I don’t know, a period breakout, the acids that we use, we have one called glycell that it’s cocktail is a mixture of glycolic and salicylic acid. And they are apart from the AHS and they really help to clean the sebaceous glands and also to control the oil and with the, and also kill the bacteria from the skin. So with that, I think we can treat acne. Yeah.


The thing is, is that acne is a very sort of broad term. Acne can be anything from blackheads to blackheads and Melia or whiteheads to full on cystic acne. So yeah, I would, I would agree with you in terms of anything where it involves just a couple of breakouts here and there, sort of hormonal breakouts, you know, a lot of people are, are getting this new thing that we’re, we’ve dubbed mascne because of the Corona virus, people are finding that they’re breaking out along that area, along their cheek and jaw line where the mask sits, and yeah with blackheads and things like that – definitely. But if you have a lot of breakouts, there’s a lot of they’re red, it’s inflamed, it’s a painful, like lead to sadness, got the pus then no, we can’t work on it because the HydraFacial also, the suction is way too much. We would probably break.


We wouldn’t suck all of the sebum and we wouldn’t suck all of the puss and it would be very painful for them then as well. Uh, it’s just, it’s just,


Yeah, yeah, no, it’d be very uncomfortable. So yes. The simple answer is yes, it does treat acne to a degree. Yeah. Obviously like Lytsa has said, we use the serum Glycell that has got your salicylic acid. It’s an oil loving acid that goes in, helps to decongest the pores helps reduce inflammation. So yes, if you’ve got a few breakouts and things like that. Absolutely. But if it’s bordering on, you know, where like you feel you need to go to a dermatologist, then no HydraFacial, A – we can’t do it, and B – we probably actually make it worse. Yeah, definitely.

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