Does a HydraFacial make you peel?

Does a HydraFacial make you peel?

In this video we’ll be diving into a question that a lot of people have, does a HydraFacial make you peel?

The answer is, it depends on the skin.

A HydraFacial is a great way to treat your skin, but if your skin is already very sensitive, if it has lots of dead skin or you never had a facial before there is a chance of very mild peeling.

Watch the video to learn more.

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Leanne: So I think let’s move on to our last question for today. Let’s not bombard people too much with too much information. But I think the last question is, can a Hydrafacial make you peel?

Lytsa: The answer again, my point of view would be depends on the skin. If your skin is already very sensitive or if she has actually lots of dead skin, if she is actually very rough and the percentage of the peel that we’re going to be using, ideally you’re not supposed to feel, as I said in the beginning. Hydrafacial, it’s a very convenient facial on a daily basis because you don’t leave the bed red. You’ve just ready for the day. There is no downtime, it’s a really good facial for like brides, pre weddings or even guests, because you can apply makeup on top straight away. However, if your skin is already very sensitive and you use a higher percentage than seven point five, it’s possible for you to peel a little bit. But it’s mostly flakiness, like on the crazy areas, like on the corner of your mouth, on the nose. They usually protect that with Vaseline, but still, it’s possible, but it’s not going to be a major peeling like when you do a proper chemical feel, that’s definitely not the case.

Leanne: Yeah, definitely not. I know when I had my Hydrafacial because I will tell people I do have a…I’m not going to say a sensitive skin, but when I have treatments like a blood red and I’m normally also like I can peel my skin can do that sometimes if it gets especially dry and things. But I had the Hydrafacial done, and the only place that I had, like a very mild flaking was just over my nose. But I think that’s a combination between the mild peel and then the suction for the blackhead removal. But that was literally the only place that I did. But I agree with you in terms of it’s completely dependent on the skin. I mean, someone who is never, ever, ever had any treatment of any sort, even a normal facial. There is a possibility of a mild flake, like you said, on the nose and maybe around the mouth and things, because the skin has never had a treatment before. So this is almost like a first with a little bit of exfoliation happening. But in general, most people, it’s not going to be a full on peel. It’ll be a very, very mild flake. And only in certain areas it definitely won’t be all over the face. Yeah, I mean, this is a this is a beautiful treatment and this is something that you have done, I did it for a client probably about two or three days before her wedding. And it’s absolutely amazing because it is it plumps up the skin. It hydrates, it makes the skin glow. Everything just penetrates better, your foundation sets better and even for sensitive skin, that redness and stuff goes down within half an hour. So, yeah, definitely expect maybe a little of mild flake, possibly, but not a major peel.

Lytsa: Yeah. If it actually bothers you too much. For example, if you’re a bride, that’s what you said three days before, that would be the ideal to get it done. If you have like a big event to go or if not, you can just do it in a day like the redness or anything, anything that can happen after the treatment, like it will go down in about like half an hour, an hour or so. It is a very, very safe and complete treatment. I would say it’s my favourite one from like last year, just a couple of years it’s my favourite one. 

Leanne: Listen, I’m in desperate need of one right now, haha.

Lytsa: Haha same. Oh my god. We’re talking about flakiness, that’s what I see on my nose right now. Like the climate change is very hot where I am right now. It’s a mix of oil with the flakiness. The need of a Hydrafacial is just..

Leanne: Haha you don’t want to see. I mean, my skin is so dry at the moment. I’m also I’ve got a bit of a peeling and flaking on my forehead and it’s actually just driving me insane.

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