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Which facial is better for acne, Hydrafacial or WOW Facial?

This week’s episode of Hannah London’s podcast is here! We talk about skincare, and take on the acne-related question: Which is the best facial for acne-prone skin? Is one facial better than another to treat acne? The difference may sound like a simple one until you start exploring what each treatment entails.

Which facial is better for acne, Hydrafacial or WOW Facial?

Watch the video to find out.

Najet: Okay and if you were to treat acne would you have a HydraFacial or WOW Facial? Lauren: So depending on the grade of the acne I would say a higher grade we might customize it so that we might start with a WOW Facial using one of the clarifying peels and the salicylic wash to help to drive everything out, because they are completely customizable. If we don’t feel that their skin is at the step where they want to be having needing yet or they want to have so much extraction because it’s already quite inflamed we can do some of the other steps and customize that for the patient But we would advise whether they’re grade one grade two grade three or grade four if they’re a severe grade three to four, we wouldn’t be treating them with either of the treatments. We’d be recommending them to have a consultation with our doctor and maybe putting them on topicals first to allow the skin to calm down before we move on to either of them.

This video is part of Hannah London’s Podcast series on Hydrafacial vs WOW Facial Q&A EP.1.

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