Can You Put Fake Tan On After Laser Hair Removal?

This week, Lauren O’Brien, Operations Manager of Hannah London, joins Leanne to discuss some of the most common Laser Hair Removal questions from a MediSpa Industry expert perspective.In this conversation they cover the topic of “Can You Put Fake Tan On After Laser Hair Removal?

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Lauren: Yeah I would say one of the biggest things for myself and I don’t know if this is a factor for you Leanne, but one of the things I was aware of was that if I wanted to have laser hair removal you can’t have fake tan on your skin.

Leanne: Yeah.

Leanne: The reason that if you have a fake tan is because laser picks up on pigment and also it completely changes how the labor works on the skin in terms of it might actually heat up the skin way too much because of it being darker. Because the whole concept of how the laser works is that it’s not actually the laser that penetrates all the way down into the skin. It’s actually the hair itself in the hair follicle that actually absorbs the heat and it transports that down into the roots and starts to destroy the roots in the blood supply and the surrounding structures of the hair. So yeah having fake tan on can really also sort of all change the results because of the skin color.

Lauren: Exactly. So the answer is if you want to have your hair-free legs avoid your fake tan.

Leanne: Yeah kind of just like you know sacrifice for a little bit to get sort of amazing results in terms of not having to worry about hair.

Leanne: I mean it’s great for me these days I jump in the shower and five minutes later I’m out because I don’t have to shave anything.

Lauren: Exactly. It’s quite life-changing. 100 percent.

Lauren: So I think that answers quite a few of our top popular questions.

Lauren: We will be having a second laser hair removal podcast where we’re going to answer some more. Please feel free, anyone who is watching this, if you have some further questions you’d like to ask us, write in the comments below.

Lauren: Thank you very much. Nice to speak to you Leanne.

Leanne: Yeah absolutely. Thank you. Can’t wait to hear some more or get some more of the questions and just be able to chat about it and hopefully help some more people. 

Lauren: Excellent. Thank you very much. See you later guys.

Leanne: Bye.

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