This week, Lauren O’Brien, Operations Manager of Hannah London, joins Leanne to discuss some of the most common Laser Hair Removal questions from a MediSpa Industry expert perspective.In this conversation they cover the topic of “Does Laser Hair Removal Hurt?”

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Lauren: So I think one of the most popular questions that we get asked is – Does laser hair removal hurt? I think that’s a good place to start.

Leanne: Yeah. I mean look at it completely depends where what machines people are using. I mean obviously, I’ve been in the industry for about 12 years and I’ve used a wide variety.

Leanne: Some of them can be quite painful but I think you know with us in Hannah London because we’re using the soprano platinum and titanium because of that cooling system it’s really quite comfortable.

Lauren: Yeah Exactly. I mean I remember that I originally heard about laser hair removal a friend of mine started having it. I think it was about 15 years ago and I know that she used to take paracetamol beforehand and could only do small sections of the body each time. So she seemed to be going back to the clinic all the time to get all the areas of her body done. And I know that for myself when I started having laser at Hannah London three years ago, I was preparing myself girding my loins for a very painful experience. And in fact what I experienced was something very comfortable very manageable. And at the time she was pregnant and wasn’t able to have laser hair removal but as soon as she’d given birth to her child I advised her that would she’d like to try our laser hair removal machine.

Lauren: And she was like I really don’t know if I want to go for laser again.

Lauren: It was something quite uncomfortable. I don’t know if I want to put myself through that. I said Just trust me. Come and have a patch test. Experience it. And when I did the patch test for her she said when are you going to turn it on. I said no this is it.

Lauren: This is it.

Lauren: And she was like I can’t believe all of those years of pain and I could have gone through something like this.

Leanne: Yeah, I hear you. I was exactly the same when I first started doing my own laser or had it having it done, probably a good 10 years ago and I had to have ice packs put on the areas and it was quite unbearable sometimes. But at Hannah London, I have to admit it’s such a breeze. Like I can do my whole full body quick..quick because it’s just so easy and so manageable like a little bit of heat sometimes. You know in certain areas sometimes around a little bit of the boney areas but it is so much more manageable than anything else I’ve ever had done.

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