Is Laser Hair Removal permanent, and is it safe?

This week, Lauren O’Brien, Operations Manager of Hannah London, joins Leanne to discuss some of the most common Laser Hair Removal questions from a MediSpa Industry expert perspective.In this conversation they cover the topic of “Is Laser Hair Removal permanent, and is it safe?”

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Lauren: [00:02:59] Wonderful. I think the next popular question that we get asked is are the results permanent.

Leanne: [00:03:06] Well look I don’t know about you. I mean nothing’s ever 100 percent permanent. You know when we’re doing with regards to you know we say between six and eight sessions everybody’s different but, we get an 80 to 90 percent reduction in the hair but it all depends on how old you are. It also depends on what hormonal changes you go through. So for instance, if women are having it done before they have before they become pregnant. Pregnancy can change their hair growth a little bit.

Leanne: [00:03:34] If people suffer from something called PCOS that also changes the hair growth then it’s going to continue to grow. So I wouldn’t say it’s necessarily a 100 percent permanent but you know under normal circumstances it does definitely reduce the hair to pretty much nothing.

Lauren: [00:03:53] Exactly. And I mean I know for myself like I would say that because my hair is paler in color I would need more sessions.

Lauren: [00:04:02] So we say on average you need around six sessions and then you need to continue with some top-ups a few times a year. But with somebody with a paler hair, you may not be able to treat the area or you just might need more sessions whereas I would say that somebody with a fairer skin and a darker hair color will get the more optimum results. But it’s certainly better to look after the texture of your skin, improve ingrowing hairs, improve strawberry legs and marks on the skin that you can get from shaving and waxing.

Leanne: [00:04:42] 100 percent agree.

Leanne: [00:04:43] I used to suffer badly with ingrowns and shaving rash underneath my arms and literally I don’t even have to worry about a single thing anymore. It’s it’s it’s all gone. I don’t have any of those problems so I think it definitely does help with a lot of other issues besides just the hair.

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