How many HIFU sessions are required to see a result? Hannah London Medi Spa

How many HIFU sessions are required to see a results?

After just one treatment, you can see noticeable results post-procedure!

The results continue to get better over time for up to six months as the collagen production gets to work. 

This makes HIFU an incredibly long-lasting treatment (up to three years) that does not require regular top-ups or repeat treatments.

The HIFU therapy is unique and its ability to improve the results over time may vary, particularly around the 6-month period. 

This is due to the internal inflammatory response (do not worry this will not cause visible swelling), which occurs due to cellular damage which works to induce collagen formation. 

As more time passes the body’s collagen production will continue to increase which explains why results are maintained and even greater quite sometime after the last procedure.

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So that kind of.. Yeah, kind of leads us straight into how many HIFU sessions are required to see a result? It’s all good. I don’t know about you, but it kind of for me depends on the person. So again, I think if we’re looking at people sort of 40s 50s, they probably only they might only need one or two sessions to actually see a good result.

And depends on your expectations as well, where you’re looking for, I feel like when we work on the forehead, when you have a brow lift, or even working on the jaw line, you see the results really quick. So the clients like usually the the younger ones, like on 40s, they’ve seen the results straightaway. So one session for them was okay.

Yeah, but that’s exactly the thing. And it’s like you said it’s also dependent on what they’re looking for. Put it this way that the younger you are probably one session, maybe two sessions would be all you need at the older you are the more skin elasticity that you’ve lost and collagen that you’ve lost, we would say at least up to three and probably after three treatments. So it would be about a year worth of treatments, as we said every three to four months. But the difference with HIFU compared to a lot of other treatments is that you do actually start seeing results right from the first treatment. So it’s not like you have to wait until right at the end to see the results. So it’s going to be dependent on each person. Age one, the skin tone and elasticity looks like.

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