How long is the recovery time after HIFU therapy? Hannah London Medi Spa

How long is the recovery time after HIFU treatment?

There is no downtime after HIFU therapy, as it is non-surgical, the recovery period is significantly shorter than an actual facelift. 

Your doctor will discuss this further with you.

Our clients love the clinically proven HIFU treatment.

In this episode of the Hannah London’s Podcast we answer the question “How many HIFU sessions are required to see a result?”.

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Fantastic. Well, I think since we’ve done that one, let’s talk about how long the recovery time after HIFU therapy is?

Literally recovery, I would say 48 hours, you should be fine. But are were talking about the space between sessions?

Well, I think Recovery First in terms of, it’s probably going to be a couple of weeks in terms of for everything. So we’re talking the we’ve talked about the side effects, that sort of bone pain and things like that, your cat scratches should go down like Lytsa said, within 48 hours.

You can go back to normal life. Yeah, you can go back to work.

And I mean, when we talk about the pain and stuff, it’s not like when you open your mouth or your talk or everyday activities, it’s more like when you touch the area, it feels a bit sensitive. So that can take up to two weeks. But yeah, if we’re talking about sort of treatment times, every three to four months, because we need that colour, we need the time for the skin to recover and recuperate. And for those the new collagen strands to actually form properly, before we look at doing another session, so maximum three sessions a year.

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