Who is HIFU therapy recommended for?

Who is HIFU therapy recommended for?

The HIFU procedure is a safe, effective, and non-invasive treatment to tighten the skin on the face. It’s recommended to anyone who is looking to get a facelift but without going under a knife. This is a great option and an alternative to plastic surgery.

In general, it works best on people over 40’s who are seeing signs of ageing and who definitely want to see an improvement in terms of skin tightening and lifting effect.

We don’t recommend it for younger clients as they may not see much of a difference post-treatment.

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Okay, so who is HIFU therapy recommended for?

Well, that’s not sort of necessarily a straightforward answer I don’t think I would generally say it’s for people who are considering plastic surgery in terms of they’re getting a little bit older, the skin that you know they’re losing their collagen elastin so it’s the skin is starting to sag a little bit.

If we’re going to talk about age I would say roughly around over 40s just a little over 40 is a good age to start because that’s when you start losing like more quality and even though your collagen production goes down after 25 I think for like the 20s and the 30s we have all the options HIFU since we’re working on the muscle we’re working on the skin over 40’s will be much more beneficial be easier for you to see the results like a significant result.

Yeah, I don’t think it’s you know, for people who are seeing that ageing process and who definitely want to see an improvement in terms of skin tightening and lifting effect and like you said that muscle tightening I think it’s a good idea. We don’t recommend it for younger clients because you’re not going to see a much of a difference because you’ve still got a lot of that plumpness in the skin so kind of a short answer to that as people who are finding that they’re ageing but they don’t necessarily want to go under the knife. They’re looking for an alternative and yeah, I agree probably from about 40 and above if we are going to try and put it in sort of like an age category.

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