Is HIFU permanent? Hannah London Medi Spa

Is HIFU permanent?

HIFU skin tightening treatments are completely non-invasive.

With a good aftercare the benefits of the HIFU treatment like; the boosted collagen, firmed sagging skin, smoothed out wrinkles or improved skin texture can last for about 1 year.

In this episode of the Hannah London’s Podcast we answer the question “Is HIFU treatment permanent?”.

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One of the questions that I get a lot like it’s not on the list, but I think like you can contribute to this question is if the HIFU results are permanent? And I always says like it’s permanent following your natural like ageing and what your body allows because it’s not like fillers, I’m not injecting something on you that it needs to be topped up after six weeks or like one two months. I’m inducing your skin and your muscle to like produce new collagen, new elasticity and that should be permanent. Following your natural age.

Yeah, well, I mean, look collagen, normally new collagen strands normally last about 18 months. So it’s completely up to the person as well. It’s permanent to a degree in terms of it lasts a long time. Yeah, if they are then sort of topping up afterwards with other treatments like chemical peels or dermapen and things like that.

Or even cosmetics like the derma cosmetics that is used at home such as retinol, folic, it’s everything is everything combined together and nothing is permanent itself. You need to know.

100%. So yeah, but I mean, look, it’s a it’s a long term, it’s definitely a long term.

Because it is quite pricey. So people do ask like, oh, how long it’s going to last? Because they know that they paid this much for fillers, and they know that they’re going to have the fillers for at least I don’t know, two, three months. Yeah, if it’s a little bit more pricier than that. That’s usually that’s one of the questions like..

Exactly, they wanted to last a long time, but I mean, HIFU leven lasts longer than fillers. That’s true. So you know, and it’s exactly once we’ve stimulated that collagen, as long as you know from a homecare perspective, or the odd treatment here and there to top up that collagen production. Yeah, it is pretty much permanent. So like I said, it’s a great option to do.

It is, it’s very modern, and it’s very popular here in Hannah London.

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