How much do lip fillers cost in London?

Prices may vary depending on the treatment location, desired results, and the experience of the cosmetic doctor. In the London area, the lip filler prices may vary between £199 to £800

Hannah London’s qualified doctors use premium lip fillers products from Juvederm®. Lip filler treatment starts from £350.

Our clients love Hannah London’s clinically proven lip fillers at affordable prices in london.

In this episode of Hannah London’s Podcast, we answer the question “How much do lip fillers cost in London?”.

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Perfect. So going on to cost. How much would you say prices are around for lip fillers in London? I think they can vary. It actually does depend on the clinic. So I’ve seen anything from I’d say maybe 350 onwards to maybe even 800 from some clinics.


Absolutely, it depends on the reputation of the clinic, or it depends on what they think they can charge, I would say I think we are priced pretty reasonably.




And if you’re going to somebody and they’re offering you something with bargain basement prices, you will do always have to ask yourself, Is there a reason for this? Are they fully qualified? Are they using the correct product.


And I think that’s something that we’re used to going back to seeing in clinic, we’ve had countless of you know, young girls coming in here that they’ve obviously, when you’re younger, you’re not able, you know, you may have a part time job. So you’re not able to obviously afford certain prices. They’ve gone and got sometimes even these packages, and they’re left absolutely distraugh. Yes, like either it’s gone wrong, and they look heavily overfilled. Or they’ve even had vascular occlusion where we’ve had to come and treat. And obviously, you actually end up paying maybe three or four times the price because you have to dissolve and then you have to get it done again. So if you actually get it done and just pay at the regular price, you actually end up saving money, wrong way around. So yeah, I think there’s definitely some food for thought there.


Absolutely. And we do sometimes do offers. It’s not that regular because it is such a popular service. But we will be doing some around Valentine’s just as a treat for our clients.


Of course we love you all and obviously when we get a chance we’d love to obviously put some offers on especially as we said Valentine’s Day. Lips, I feel like everyone is welcome around here with nice big pouty lips.

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