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The Brotox Boom: why are we seeing more Botox in men?

The so-called ‘Brotox Boom’ has seen a 70% increase in men requesting consultations with Botox providers in the last year.

Whilst cosmetic procedures like Botox, fillers and laser hair removal have been predominantly associated with women in the past, more and more men are coming around to the idea that they could look and feel younger, fresher and more confident with a little Botox boost.

Why are we seeing a rise in requests for male Botox?

The pandemic has shifted our outlook on life and beauty in a variety of different ways.

First, duringlockdown we found ourselves working and socialising via Zoom and Facetime, where we were forced to look at ourselves in great detail via high-definition phone cameras. It was inevitable that we would notice all those pesky lines and wrinkles more than ever before and feel compelled to do something about them.

Then, when the world opened up again, many of us felt the need to make ourselves look as gorgeous as possible for all those in-person meet-ups and social outings.

Finally, lots of us have developed a ‘life’s too short’ kind of attitude during the pandemic. After being cooped up for so long we’re ready to worry less about what people think and give new things a try in the interests of getting as much joy out of life as possible.

In the past, guys may have considered Botox and worried that it wasn’t something men were ‘supposed’ to do. Now, who cares what we’re supposed to do? Life’s for living however we see fit!

Do men come in asking for a particular look?

Men tend to want Botox and fillers to look as natural as possible. They want to look like theirhealthiest selves with smoother, more youthful-looking skin, but they don’t want to dramatically look different. With women, there’s a ‘bigger is better’ movement going on with Botox and fillers; many ladies want dramatically plumped lips, well-defined cheekbones, and seamlessly smooth skin. With Botox in men, it’s all about subtlety and refinement.

Is celebrity culture impacting this curve?

Men often seek out subtle cosmetic procedures that will help them achieve the handsome looks of their favourite celebrities. For example, many men are striving for strong jawlines like that of Ryan Reynolds. Celebrity faces have long inspired women to get cosmetic procedures and now it looks like the same is happening with men.

How do men age differently from women?

Women are more susceptible to fine lines around the eyes and mouth and sagging skin on theirnecks when they age. Men tend to develop deep wrinkles on the forehead, sagging brows andeyelids, and paunches beneath the chin when they get older. Botox is a great way to not only rectify deep wrinkles and sagging skin in men but to prevent these issues from ever becoming too severe as long as Botox is used early enough.

How is the skin different on men’s faces from women’s?

Men have thicker skin than women, and male skin tends to have a rougher texture. Men’s skin also contains more collagen, but this reduces at a constant rate over time compared to a suddenreduction in collagen for women when they go through menopause. Male skin tends to be oilier than female skin and, of course, it is much hairier.

Men are more susceptible tohyperandrogenism-associated conditions and diseases</a>, such as seborrhoea, acne, excessive hair growth and androgenetic hair loss.

When is it time to consider Botox as a guy?

Prevention is always better than the cure when it comes to ageing. A good skincare routine which includes SPF protection, vitamin C and retinol is vital for good skin health. Our clinicians can set out an effective skincare regimen for men to help them keep wrinkles andsagging skin at bay, but when these signs ofageing do begin to show it is time for Botox to step in to keep the skin smooth and prevent wrinkles from deepening.

As for when the right time is, it’s very subjective. Lifestyle and genetics both play a major role in the rate of ageing in men. Some men may need to start Botox in their early twenties, while others can get away with waiting until their mid-thirties. If you wait too long before starting botox, it can be too late to start, when the wrinkles become too deep and stubborn they are less affected by relaxation of the muscles by Botox. 

What do you think is next trend-wise for male treatments?

Botox is best known for its ability to reduce the severity of wrinkles on the forehead, but there are plenty of other uses for it which men are now becoming aware of. Botox can be injected into the sweat glands in the armpit to inhibit sweating, and many men seek out this treatment because they feel self-conscious when large sweat patches form on their clothes. It can be even used in the groin area in the treatment of “jock itch”.

Another trend in male treatments is fillers beneath the eyes and in the cheeks. Hyaluronic acid filler works to increase hydration and therefore volume in the skin, and it’s a great way to reduce the appearance of hollows and dark circles under the eyes which can make someone look tired or under the weather. Many men feel that undereye fillers help them to look more awake, alert and healthy.

If you’re a man on the hunt for Botox in London, whether it be to combat wrinkles or excessive sweating, be sure to get in touch with Hannah London for an appointment with an expert injector.

If you’re not sure if it’s the right time for Botox but are curious about other cosmetic procedures that could help you look your best, why not arrange a consultation at our Colindale or Harley Street clinics to discuss your queries.

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