Are there any side effects with lip fillers?

Some clients get bruising and swelling. Most patients get inflammation, but not every patient bruises, it just depends on the vasculature. The side effects can be treated by taking aspirin to keep the blood thin. Arnica gel can reduce bruising. The lips can be tender. You could also get some lumps, which tend to resolve themselves within six to eight weeks. The side effects like vascular occlusion, occlusion of the blood vessels are very very rare. They say 1 in 1000.

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Amazing. And what about the side effects? With any procedure? There is of course many side effects. But pertaining to lip filler directly. What would you say were there anything that you experienced such as side effects, or anything that a client potential client coming in should be aware of.


So one thing I would say is with lip filler for me personally, I do get bruising, and I get swelling. I believe every patient gets inflammation, but not every patient bruises, it just depends on your vasculature. But for me, I would say one of the main side effects that can be treated is we would advise taking aspirin just to ensure you know, you’re keeping the blood a little bit thin when you’ve had those areas injected. You can use Arnica gel to reduce the bruising. And they can be little bit tender, you can also get some lumps, which tend to resolve themselves within six to eight weeks. But for some people, it resolves quicker mine are almost completely resolved and my lip filler was only done about two weeks ago. So yeah, then the main side effects, there are very, very rare side effects like vascular occlusion. They say 1 in 1000. Yeah, it’s quite rare. It’s quite rare.


But I think that comes down to also the injector going back to the practice. So if anyone doesn’t know what vascular occlusion is, it is when filler or some sort of blockage is injected into the blood vessel, which obviously causes occlusion which prevents prohibits the blood from passing, obviously, blood is circulating around our bodies. So the area this would be injected. So for instance, lips, that would obviously cause tissue necrosis, which means as the blood can’t get around the vascular system, the tissue begins to die. And as this begins to die, you know, it can be treated within a short amount of time, maybe within the first 48 hours, which is when we put the enzyme of hyaluronidase in there, and we can reverse that. But in very serious cases, you could actually end up losing the tissue. And there’s many ways to mitigate this, which is what we employ in clinic. All of our doctors and practitioners they aspirate. So this is before every injection sight, we’re able to check your foot inside a vessel to ensure that we do not cause this not everyone does. As I said that this is why it’s very, very good that you thoroughly vet who you’re going to see.


Absolutely. So it sounds like what we’ve been talking about is a little bit scary. But I think it’s better that as a reputable clinic, we are aware of the risks, and we do everything possible to ensure that you love your lips, and you never experience anything like this.


Definitely everything is not perfect and Babila. But we obviously try to make things make you aware and make sure that you go into a treatment, knowing about all the side effects. Obviously, we try our best to make sure nothing happens. But I feel like full disclosure is something that we have responsibility to do as an aesthetic clinic. Lauren Absolutely.

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