Are lip fillers safe?

Yes, the filler that we use is hyaluronic acid-based and hyaluronic acid is a safe filler as it is a natural part of our body. Make sure you choose a qualified injector, who is aware of your anatomy, knows the right dosage, and uses reputable products.

There are always potentially adverse reactions, but we do make our patients aware of this. And it is very rare and very unlikely that you will be allergic to the filler. But yes, lip fillers are safe and FDA-approved.

Our clients love the clinically proven and safe hyaluronic acid-based lip fillers in london.

In this episode of Hannah London’s Podcast, we answer the question “Are lip fillers safe?”.

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So, are they safe? I think this is one of the biggest questions everyone you know, you get, you know, on this is a big, big topic. You have people that are like, you know, very much No, do what you want to be happy. But then you have people that think they’re super supernatural, and they think this is almost poison. I’ve seen article that if you’ve seen them as well, that they’re saying, What is this? What are you putting into your face? What would what is your take on this, Lauren?


Okay, so the filler that we use is hyaluronic acid-based. And hyaluronic acid is actually a property that is found naturally within the body. Which is why when we say that if you dissolve your lips, you take away a bit of your own natural hyaluronic acid. It is a property that is found in the human body. So I would say yes, it is safe provided you do not overfill your lips and go to an injector that doesn’t use reputable products, is not properly trained, is not a medical professional. So if you go to a qualified person, they’re using a reputable product, they’re aware of your anatomy, you are being sensible and not continually filling and filling and filling your face, then there is no reason with any kind of medical aesthetic treatment, there are always potentially adverse reactions, but that we do make our patients aware of this. And it is rare, it’s not the norm. It’s very, very, very unlikely that you will be allergic to the filler. So you’re not running too much risk. All we would say is you get some inflammation and potentially a little bit of bruising afterwards. But yes, they are FDA approved.


Definitely, Lauren, I agree with you definitely with all those factors that you said. So things such as not just the product, but you know the injector, so loads of people may come in to us and also ask about price. You know, you’re not just paying some people may be able to find these products that either if they’re not even if they’re using the same product that we use, that’s one but you’re not just spending money on the product you’re spending on the expertise, the time and I believe it truly does show you can give someone any sort of filler, but it’s the technique that’s used to and then that is the result because there’s many people that they say they’ve been injected with the same product, and they’ve had horrible experiences and I think that’s what comes down to obviously, us having in clinic medically qualified and trained practitioners.

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