hannah london workout mask

The Hannah London Workout Mask Is Here!

The Hannah London workout mask is here! This is the sheet mask that lets you do more. Formulated to hydrate, brighten and protect, leaving your skin radiant through the flow of your day. Below our director and founder explain the though process and inspiration behind this innovative skincare product:

“Thank you for using the Hannah London Workout Mask – an investment in your skincare as you exercise. As an advocate for aesthetics, health and fitness and a passion for these aspects too; this workout mask is an extension of my professional and personal ethos. As many of you will have experienced, the air quality in the vast majority of gyms is altered by the likes of air conditioning, central-heating and recirculation, which can be incredibly drying to the skin and make it more prone to blemishes. Unless you’re outdoor in the rural countryside, the polluted city air is no better. With The Workout Mask you can protect yourself against the effects of this, and even further complement the skin-boosting benefits of exercise with a nourishing blend of hyaluronic acid, the antioxidant power of vitamin C and natural plant extracts that work to hydrate, moisturise and brighten your skin. As such, you finish your workout not only feeling great, but looking great too with a healthy dewy glow that the mask bestowed.” – Dr. Kaywaan Khan, Director


hannah london workout mask

“Women are simply amazing. We lead busy lives, work hard, look after our health, bodies and skin. Who has time to conform to the ‘Sleeping Beauty’ stereotype that sheet mask brands force upon us? The Workout Mask is not just another one of those sheet masks, it represents so much more. Watch as we women wear it while we exercise, while we complete errands and work on ourselves – completely oblivious to the glorifying gaze of others. Rather than the pore-clogging make-up society expects of us even at the gym, I would love to see these masks become a sort of symbol to combat this toxic ethos. With this workout mask, we can multi-task and care for our skin and our aesthetic at the same time.”
– Shireen Khan, Founder

We are also running The Workout Mask Challenge for people to get involved by caring for their skin, having fun with friends and family and helping charity at the same time too! See our Instagram profile (@hannahlondon) to see how the challenge works and how you can get involved. Hannah London’s Workout Mask aims to do even more for women by donating 10% of sales distributed among the below UK based charitable organisations that support vulnerable women in our community – enabling and empowering thing to have opportunities and fulfil their ambitions. Click / Tap here to see which charities will be supporting.

The Hannah London Workout Mask – click / tap here to buy!

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