Fat Dissolving VS Fat Freezing
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What is the difference between Fat Dissolving & Fat Freezing Treatments?

Most people may be aware of the term ‘fat freezing’ or ‘fat dissolving’ but what do they actually mean? How do they work and what are the benefits of these aesthetic treatments?

Simply put – the main difference between fat freezing and fat dissolving treatment is that with a fat freezing treatment, you will have your fat frozen so its destroyed and removed by the body, while with a fat-dissolving treatment, a solution is injected into the fat to break down the fat cells.

Fat Freezing Treatment

Today, we are here to answer what exactly is fat-dissolving? Where does the fat disappear? What is fat freezing? What is the difference between both fat-reducing treatments and which one might be the best option for you and why? 

So let’s dive in deep and see what makes each of the two fat removal treatments different!


Fat Dissolving treatment is also known as Aqualyx. Aqualyx is a revolutionary fat-dissolving injectable made out of plant-based deoxycholic acid (naturally present in the body) and formulated to dissolve stubborn areas of fat that just won’t go no matter of the diet or exercise routine done.

Aqualyx is an FDA-Approved treatment and is one of the most popular treatments and effective fat removal and body sculpting procedures that we offer here at Hannah London.

When the target area is injected with Aqualyx it binds to the fatty cells and breaks down the membranes of the fat cells. This leads to an inflammatory response in that location, this response moves the broken-down fat cells to the lymphatic system to be flushed out of the body safely and naturally, within 1 – 3 months of the treatment. Some results are can be seen after just a single treatment, with the best outcome after a course of treatments. 

Aqualyx Fat-Dissolving Benefits

  • non-surgical fat reduction
  • contours the body
  • reduces stubborn pockets of fat
  • vegan and cruelty-free
  • biocompatible and biodegradable

For best results, the amount of treatment sessions is highly dependent on the chosen area, the type of fat/fatty tissue being removed, and how well your body responds.

Usually, the sessions vary from 2 to 5, with an average interval of 3 weeks apart.


Fat freezing is also known as Cryolipolysis. Cryolipolysis is a non-invasive procedure for the reduction of fat that uses a controlled cooling process to destroy the fat tissues and reduce their volume. This is an effective treatment that can be an alternative to Liposuction treatment.

Cryolipolysis uses revolutionary and advanced cooling technology called ‘Cryo Lipo’ that targets and carefully freezes fat cells underneath your skin (this process is called lipolysis).

When the device is applied to your body, the cold temperatures freezes and then destroy the fat cells, causing them to die gradually while leaving surrounding nerves, muscles, and other tissues generally unaffected. Over time, your body will naturally eliminate the dead fat cells through the lymphatic system to be filtered out as waste, leaving you with a more toned and sculpted appearance.

Fat Freezing is completely safe, and there is absolutely no risk of infection because it’s not invasive at all. This is an ideal treatment for anyone wanting to get rid of unwanted bulges or weight loss post-pregnancy.

Cryolipolysis Fat Freezing Benefits

  • natural-looking results
  • non-surgical
  • reduces stubborn pockets of fat
  • toned skin
  • non-invasive procedure
  • no damage to the skin, nerves, or muscles on the treatment area
  • increase in self-esteem

For best results, the number of treatment sessions needed will depend on the area being treated and other personal factors. You can even have two areas treated at one time! Generally, you may require more than one treatment session to get the desired results, and each treatment should be spaced out three months apart. You’ll see your final results around 12 weeks from your last session, and fat-flushing is expected to last up to six months after the first treatment.


Aqualyx treatment injections are especially beneficial for the area under the chin, affectionately known as the “double chin”. Women and men of all shapes and sizes are self-conscious about their double chins. As we age, the skin under the chin and around the neck tends to lose its elasticity. Exercise can’t manipulate this area of the body, making it one of the most popular places to use Aqualyx.

Face: double chin fat and jawline

Body: upper arms, armpits, waist, abdomen, hips, augmented fat deposits located on buttocks, and inner thighs. 

Cryolipolysis treatment / Fat freezing can be better for medium and larger body areas over fat dissolving injections, as it’s not efficient to give so many injections to a bigger area. The treatment targets and freezes excess fat on mainly your body parts;

Stomach/belly fat and Love handles/ muffin tops break down fat stores that obscure your abdomen 

Legs: remove fat across problem-prone areas of your legs, like the banana roll

Thighs: remove fat from your outer thighs inner thighs

Bra Fat: reduce the appearance of bra roll fat

Back Fat: remove back fat across the upper, mid, and lower sections of your back


At the end of the day, it’s up to you and your practitioner, but it also depends on the treatment area and how much fat you’re hoping to lose. As previously mentioned, Cryolipolysis is generally more appropriate for areas that are larger. In most cases, Aqualyx is used to treat small areas such as the double chin. However, it is possible to be used to treat fat deposits on the abdomen as well.

Both fat dissolving injections and fat freezing treatments are non-surgical and designed to reduce local fat deposits, with long-lasting results. Both options are effective, however fat freezing is recommended for those who want a more natural look.

We hope you now have a better understanding of each of the treatments.

In conclusion, both treatments deliver great results but to determine which treatment is better suited for you, we highly recommend booking a free consultation with one of our knowledgeable and experienced aestheticians at Hannah London MediSpa.

During this in-depth consultation, we will discuss your goals and expectations, medical history, as well as your fat type and concerns, and decide on which fat reduction procedure is right for you. We will then recommend the best treatment options based on your needs.