how long do bum fillers last

How Long Do Bum Fillers Last – A Guide To Butt Lift Injections

If you’re not happy with the shape of your bum, butt filler injections are a fast and effective treatment to give you the derriere of your dreams. Bum fillers can shape, lift and add volume to your bum, and with no surgeon’s knife in sight.

But how long do bum fillers last, and are they worth it? Read our ultimate guide to butt lift injections and how they can give your bum that extra lift just in time for summer.

how long do bum fillers last

What Are Bum Fillers?

Butt filler injections are dermal fillers that are injected into the bum to enhance and improve its overall shape and appearance. For those who want to improve the shape of their bum without invasive and painful surgery, bum fillers are an appealing alternative.

At Hannah London, we offer two types of butt filler injections, both of which give our clients excellent results.


Hyacorp uses a unique cross-linked hyaluronic acid specifically engineered to increase the strength of the acid. This makes it ideal for creating shape and lift to the butt. Hyaluronic acid occurs naturally in the body, so the likelihood of side effects is greatly reduced.  

H3: Sculptra

Sculptra is a butt filler injection that stimulates prolonged collagen production. When injected into the dermis, the body responds by producing more collagen. This achieves a naturally lifted and sculpted appearance, perfect for those seeking a bum lift.

How Long Do Bum Fillers Last?

The results achieved from butt lift injections can last between one to two years, although this varies from person to person. Top-ups are usually required if you want to maintain the look and shape of your bum.

With Hyacorp, a top-up once a year is enough to maintain the look and shape of your bum. For Sculptra, we recommend that you first have three treatments with a four-week gap between each one. After this, a top-up once a year will maintain your desired result.

Explore The Possibilities With Butt Filler Injections

If you want to give your bum a little lift this summer, butt filler injections can help you achieve this in a safe and effective treatment. The downtime after having bum fillers is minimal, allowing you to get out there and enjoy the summer for years to come!

Everyone deserves to feel amazing in their own skin. If you feel uncomfortable about the appearance of your bum, it can really affect your overall well-being. Butt lift injections are one way that you can take control to get great results without surgery.

At Hannah London, we understand how nerve-racking it can be to have a cosmetic procedure like butt filler injections. That’s why you can rely on our licensed experts to provide safe and effective treatments. Our team of specialists has extensive experience of providing these treatments, so you’re in safe hands.

If you want to find out more about what butt filler injections could do for you, contact us today to book your free consultation. 

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