What benefits do you get from receiving lip fillers?

Lip fillers are used by people to enhance the shape of their lips or correct the appearance of the lips of people with mild asymmetries. Lip fillers can also be used to smooth lines around the mouth caused by smoking or aging.

Our clients love the clinically proven london lip fillers treatments available at both Harley Street and Colindale branches.

In this episode of Hannah London’s Podcast, we answer the question “What benefits do you get from receiving lip fillers?”.

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What benefits would you say that you received after having this treatment? Was it something to do, obviously, there may be a certain confidence aspect. But in terms of just general like lips, because we are, as you said, hyaluronic acid is something that is, you know, present within our skin and the makeup of our skin. But there’s many reasons that we do actually get lip fillers. So it could be for maybe if you’re youthful, and you want to more, you know, pout. Or as well, as we’re older, you know, our collagen starts to break down as we age, and the lips actually do get thinner over time. So sometimes adding a bit more of fullness in the mouth can actually make you look more youthful. But back again, with your experience, what was it that you found that you experienced?


So I like the idea of having more surface area for my lipstick. And also, I just like the fact that if you have any slight asymmetry in your lips, naturally, this can be adjusted, you know, most of our faces are all asymmetrical, you know, there is the Golden Triangle of beauty. And a lot of us are not that close to that, unfortunately, but correcting mild asymmetry. Or if you’ve got like, for example, a very full bottom lip and a slim top lip. I’ve seen for some of our more mature clients, it’s been amazing for lines around the mouth. So you know they’ve got smokers lines, we can really help to smooth that out. And you do lose collagen as you age. So yeah.


It is really interesting. Sometimes you normally just think about lip fillers as just, you know when you think about celebrities like Kylie Jenner, but on our older, more mature patient, who is you know, obviously going to the ageing process, how they’re almost just gives so much juice back to their face. Absolutely crazy.

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