Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) is a commonly diagnosed hormonal disorder that can affect any woman of reproductive age – as many as one in four women. Symptoms can include prolonged and /or infrequent menstrual period cycles and even excess male hormone levels within the body. With PCOS, the ovaries may develop what are known as follicles and thus fail to release eggs in a regular cycle or rhythm.

At Hannah London, we want to be able to help women who suffer from this condition as some of our treatments can help to target and treat the aesthetic side effects of PCOS. As we know there is a connection between how we look and how we feel and so in this regard we aim to empower women with treatments that can help:

Which can be managed with laser hair removal

That can be treated with our facial & Dermapen treatments

Can be targeted with fat freezing (cryolipolysis)

You will also have access to expert nutritional and exercise advice (as well as the option for personal training sessions) and being part of a group who fully understand what you are experiencing as they also have PCOS themselves.

Apply for PCOS membership at Hannah London to avail of the following:

+ Up to 50% discount of the above mentioned treatments

+ Invites to private members only PCOS events across London

+ Exclusive discounts and collaborations with our brand partners


Please complete the form below. Once you satisfy the criteria we will invite you to our medispa for a private consultation and following this a membership card will be made for you which you must present at each of your appointments to avail of your PCOS membership benefits.