Botox for hair loss

Innovative and effective hair loss treatment

Address male pattern hair loss gently and effectively
Stimulate hair growth by improving blood flow to the scalp
Enhance your confidence with a fuller head of hair

Treatment Explained

Botox for alopecia
– a ground breaking male pattern baldness treatment

Hair loss, or alopecia, can significantly impact your self-esteem and the way you perceive yourself. Whilst there are various causes and types of hair loss, botox is an innovative treatment showing promising results. 

Botox is particularly effective for male pattern hair loss. It offers a non-surgical approach to stimulating hair growth, by relaxing scalp muscles and enhancing blood flow to the hair follicles.

We offer botox for hair loss at Harley Street and Colindale, London. If, after evaluation, botox is considered a beneficial approach, you will experience your treatment at one of our luxurious, award-winning London aesthetic clinics, led by Dr Kaywaan Khan.

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Botox for male pattern
baldness treatment overview

Group 213

Treatment Type

Injectable botox

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Group 215

Treatment Areas

Scalp, focusing on areas affected by hair thinning or loss

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Benefit Duration

Treatments are typically suggested every 4-6 months

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Treatment Time

30-60 minutes

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Minimal (your practitioner will advise)

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Botox for alopecia
treatment benefits

Several factors contribute to hair loss, including genetics, environmental factors, and medical conditions. 

Our personalised approach begins with a detailed consultation to diagnose your specific type of hair loss, so that we can tailor the treatment plan to your unique requirements.

  • Expert care

    Your treatment will be administered by experienced practitioners under the expert guidance of Dr Kaywaan Khan.

  • Personalised approach

    We will tailor your treatment plan based on your specific hair loss pattern and needs.
    You will have a comprehensive assessment to ensure this treatment is appropriate for you. During your consultation, we can also discuss other available treatments, such as PRP (Platelet-Rich Plasma treatment), microneedling, or medications, to ensure the best approach to your hair loss.

  • Effective treatment

    We provide this innovative treatment in a calm and luxurious environment.
    Botox for hair loss is a gentle, non-surgical solution to treating male pattern baldness, to restore a fuller head of hair and give you back your confidence.

Botox for alopecia treatment prices

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Nasal Flaring £190
Bunny Lines/Nasalis £190
Nose Job botox (combined areas) £300

Botox for hair loss
before and after

See the benefits for yourself.


Botox for
hair loss reviews

Calf augmentation

The science behind
botox for hair loss

Botox, or botulinum toxin, can be safely injected into the scalp to help relax the muscles. In turn, this can reduce tension and improve blood flow to the area. 

Increased circulation supports hair follicle health and can stimulate hair growth. 

Research supports the efficacy of botox in treating hair loss, making it a compelling option for those seeking alternatives to traditional treatments.

Botox for hair loss
- your questions answered

Meet one of our doctors for a consultation to discuss your treatment options

  • How does botox for hair loss work?

    Botox works by relaxing the scalp muscles, thereby improving blood flow to the hair follicles, which can encourage hair growth.

  • Who is botox for hair loss suitable for?

    A consultation is necessary to assess suitability. Botox may be an option alongside other treatments for those experiencing certain types of hair loss. For example, we also offer PRP for hair loss.

    Read more about the causes of hair loss and how to manage hair loss symptoms.

  • Is botox for hair loss safe?

    Yes, injections with botox are safe when administered by a reputable medical practitioner. They have minimal side effects.

  • Does botox treatment for eyelid twitching hurt?

    The needles used for administering botox are very fine, therefore patients tend to feel only a mild stinging sensation that quickly passes. Your practitioner will administer a topical numbing cream to minimise discomfort.

  • What are the pre-treatment requirements and advice?

    You will have a pre-treatment health check with us to ensure your suitability for botox treatment.
    Please inform of us of any significant health problems or neuromuscular conditions you may have.
    Botox may be unsuitable for you if you are taking certain medication.
    Prior to your treatment taking place, to reduce any risk of infection, the treatment area should be hair and make-up free. Therefore, we advise that you should shave and remove any make-up before arriving at your appointment.
    You may wish to take paracetamol one hour prior to arrival to minimise discomfort during the procedure.
    Smoking or alcohol may affect the healing process. Therefore, these are best avoided prior to and at least one week after the treatment.

  • What are the side effects of botox treatment?

    Most patients will experience some tenderness and swelling around the injection sites following their botox treatment. This should resolve within the first 24 hours.
    After this, you may notice some slight redness over a few days following treatment, whilst the skin is healing.
    Any bruising that occurs can take up to 2 weeks to resolve. We recommend applying arnica ointment and cold packs to hasten recovery.

  • What are the benefits of botox treatment for hair loss?

    The benefits of botox for hair loss include:
    ● A gentle and effective approach to male pattern hair loss
    ● Hair growth is stimulated by improving blood flow to the scalp
    ● Enhanced confidence with a fuller head of hair

  • What aftercare is required?

    Your practitioner will give you full information about any aftercare requirements following your botox treatment. 

    You should avoid touching the treatment area until 4 hours after the treatment. After this period, the area can be gently washed with soap and water and light make-up can be applied. 

    Whilst the initial swelling and redness are healing, do not expose the treated area to intense heat (such as a solarium or sunbathing) or extreme cold. 

    For the first 4 hours following treatment, you should avoid bending or lying excessively. Vigorous exercise should be avoided for at least 24 hours.

    Download our botox pre-treatment and aftercare leaflet, and review our botox policy, for further information.

  • How long before I see results?

    Results can vary, but many patients notice improvements within a few months of treatment.

  • Has botox for hair loss ever gone wrong?

    We're not aware of any problems following treatment, where it was administered by a trained medical professional.

  • What does botox for hair loss cost?

    Please see above for our price list for botox treatment for hair loss.

Meet one of our doctors for a consultation to discuss your treatment options

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