Why Laser Hair Removal is the Best

Laser hair removal is one of our most popular treatments here at Hannah London. Our hair removal specialists use the industry-leading Soprano Ice Platinum laser technology to make laser hair removal a painless experience that offers a permanent solution to hair removal.

Yes you read that correctly; laser hair removal at Hannah London is painless and permanent. It is ideal for use on any part of the body (male and female). Here we explain why our laser hair removal system is far superior to more traditional hair removal methods like waxing, IPL (intense pulsed light) and epilation. All of the before and after pictures featured here show the stunning results of laser hair removal.



Why Laser Hair Removal is Better Than Waxing

Not only is waxing very painful, but the results only last between three to six weeks before hair growth can be seen again. Waxing is also not the kindest treatment for skin as it is quite a rough and forceful treatment. However waxing still remains popular as it can instantly remove hair – just not permanently. It also has to be noted that when completed by a professional waxing specialist, the pain and discomfort can be minimised.

We offer waxing treatments at our luxurious Hannah London medispa where our specialists make the treatment as comfortable and relaxing for you as possible.



Why Laser Hair Removal is Better Than Intense Pulsed Light (IPL)

Intense pulsed light (IPL) treatments focus a beam of light at the skin targeting hair follicles to break them down and reduce hair growth and appearance over time. While IPL can eventually result in permanent hair removal, it takes many more treatments than laser hair removal to meet this result. This is because IPL does not always target the deep hair follicles as precisely as laser hair removal.

Due to the intense power and heat of IPL, as the name implies, the treatment can be very irritating and uncomfortable (verging on painful) for the large areas of the body that it targets each time.



Why Laser Hair Removal is Better Than Epilation

While epilation is not as popular as it once was, it still retains a presence on the beauty circuit today. This is most likely due to most epilation devices being small and simple enough to use at home so that hair removal can be completed at a time and place that suits you. The trade-off for this convenience is that it is not a permanent solution (expect hair to return in three to six weeks) and it is known to be an extremely painful hair removal method. This is because epilators mechanically grab strands / areas of hair and forcibly pull them from the skin. When using epilation for a large surface area such as the legs, this can be a very painful and prolonged process that will have to be repeated in a matter of weeks.

As you can see, laser hair removal at Hannah London arguably offers both the best experience and the best results. For permanent and painless hair removal, our Soprano Ice Platinum system excels at offering this. Completed by our specialists in our opulent and overwhelmingly luxurious medispa, you are sure to love your permanent hair free results and your exquisite Hannah London experience.


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