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Summer Beauty Treatments in London

Are you looking for summer beauty treatments in London? Is so, Hannah London is the perfect place to visit to get pampered and preened for the summer season. Our aesthetic treatments (including advanced aesthetics led by our resident doctor) are suitable for both male and female clients. Here we explain some of our most popular treatments that are perfect for the summer season. To book a free consultation or arrange your appointment, DM us on Instagram, call us on 02082026187 or click here.

beauty treatments in london laser hair removal

Laser Hair Removal
While we are advocates that laser hair removal is for life and not just from summer; every year the treatment sees a spike in popularity for the summer season. We use the industry-leading Soprano Ice laser technology which offers clients painless hair removal so that their unwanted body hair is permanently removed / reduced. We offer package deals on laser hair removal and have options for the likes of full body laser hair removal or just per body area – click here to see our prices.

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Fat Freezing
The technical name for the fat freezing treatment is cryolipolysis and it involves freezing your fat cells so that they break away and leave your body. It is an ideal treatment for those who have stubborn pockets and pouches of fat that remain after the likes of diet and exercise have failed to lessen their appearance. A saying we have adopted for this popular treatment is ‘if you can squeeze it, you can freeze it’ – click here for more information and to see our prices.

beauty treatments in london pedicure and foot scrub

Foot Scrub Pedicure
With the warmer weather of summer, we wear the likes of sandals and sliders more often. As such, many people want their feet to look and feel their best. Our luxurious pedicures are one of our signature treatments and comprise of a foot scrub and pampering session all dedicated to your feet. This treatment is held at our glistening golden pedicure thrones, complete with Egyptian sinks and can make use of the likes of milk, fresh flower petals, lemon slices and more. Click here for more information and prices.

beauty treatments in london skin tightening HIFU treatment

Skin Tightening
Did you know that if you have loose or saggy skin on your face and / or body that you can target and treat it without resorting to surgery? Hannah London are proud to offer this possibility in the form of the advanced aesthetic treatment known as HIFU (high intensity focused ultrasound). Most clients only require one single treatment for results that last for months and continue to improve over time. For more information on HIFU and to see prices – click here.

Summer Beauty Treatments in London

To book a free consultation or arrange your appointment for any of our treatments at Hannah London; DM us on Instagram, call us on 02082026187 or click here. We pride ourselves on offering overwhelming luxury to all of our clients and are an award-winning aesthetic paradise with almost two-hundred five star Google reviews.