Laser Hair Removal Reminder

As we come towards the end of October, we want to remind you about our special offer running this month only and due to end soon. This is our special offer in relation to Laser Hair Removal where you can save up to £600 for total body hair removal. Our clients have been loving the results so far this month and are glad to have availed of the offer:


“. . . staff at Hannah London are so lovely. The treatments provided are phenomenal, I recommend this to all my friends! I can now say I have found a salon that does good laser treatments so I am happy.” – S.Khan, October 2017



Using the industry standard Soprano Ice Platinum laser produces permanent, professional and pain-free results. This provides you with an end to stubborn hair growth and a new beginning of permanently smooth skin. Suitable for all skin types, male and female for both the face and body; contact us for a free patch test and consultation with our expert therapists. Read on below to see some before and after results.



The Soprano Ice Platinum laser is one of the best on the market today. It is specially designed to target hair growth and to prevent it from re-occurring after your complete set of treatments. The fact that it can achieve this and be virtually painless is a technical marvel in the aesthetic world. This has seen many clients choose this at Hannah London, ranging from some detailed facial areas to fuller surface body areas such as the back and legs. Laser Hair Removal is popular in both men and women and are expert therapists are experienced in treating all skin types to produce the best results.



Upper Arm Area – Before & After


Eyebrow Area – Before & After

So if you have ever been considering Laser Hair Removal for the smooth skin that you have always dreamed of, Hannah London can help make this into a reality. Whether this is a small area such as the upper lip or a larger area such as the back, Laser Hair Removal can be the solution for permanently smooth skin.


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