Fat Freezing

If you can squeeze it, you can freeze it!

  1. Non-invasive, pain-free fat freezing treatment
  2. Effective treatment for all problem areas, including the abdomen, buttocks, thighs and upper arms
  3. CE certified treatment with no side effects and no downtime
Non-invasive, pain-free fat freezing treatment
Effectively treats for all problem areas, including the abdomen, buttocks, thighs and upper arms
CE certified treatment with no side effects and no downtime

Fat Freezing at Hannah London

Hannah London are delighted to add at freezing to our selection of advanced aesthetic treatments. We use the MiCool system which offers you a virtually pain-free, non-invasive fat freezing solution.


With the industry leading MicCool technology (which is CE certified and fully conforms to health and safety standards); if there is an area of your body that you can squeeze – MiCool at Hannah London can freeze it.




WHAT is fat freezing?

The MiCool fat freezing treatment freezes fat cells to break them down and therefore helps to tone and tighten areas of your body. The technology works by placing paddles on your body which suction areas of your skin so that they can be targeted by the system to be cooled down.

The system targets the subcutaneous layer, which is the layer of your skin that contains fat cells known as adipocytes. It is these adipocytes (fat cells) that are targeted by the cooling process during treatment.

It is important to note that skin cells and fat cells respond differently to temperature. Fat cells cannot tolerate this cooling and so many of them become crystallised and it is thought that they then break away from the subcutaneous layer. These fat cells then leave your body through the lymphatic system. Skin cells however can withstand this cooling and return to normal function after treatment, without any damage caused.


A pain-free treatment suitable for both men & women, fat freezing using the MiCool system is a non-invasive treatment that treats the most common problem areas on the body, including the abdomen, buttocks, thighs and upper arms.

Treatment takes on average 60 minutes, with two areas being treated at once if needed.


Clinical studies have shown that up to 25% reduction in fat cells can occur in the treated area. However it must be noted that it will require more than one treatment session to reach this number. Expected results will be discussed with you during your initial consultation.

It’s important to remember that fat freezing is not an overall weight loss solution, nor is it a solution for obesity. Rather it is ideal for those who are struggling to target and reduce remaining stubborn fat following weight loss or a fitness programme for example.

For best results, it is advised that clients retain a healthy lifestyle, diet and exercise/fitness regime to enhance the visible definition and aesthetic element of the treatment.

IS fat freezing PAINFUL?

While fat freezing is virtually pain-free, some clients may regard the cooling sensation as uncomfortable, however this wears off after time as the skin returns to normal temperature.

Single Treatment £295
Course of 4 £995

Fat Freezing Treatment Overview

For the treatment of excess fat and cellulite
Procedure time of approx. 70 minutes
Treatment administered by our Experienced Aesthetic Practitioner
Treatment areas include arm/back/lower abdomen/upper abdomen/flanks/hips/inner thigh/outer thigh
Minimal downtime - 1-3 days of swelling or bruising
Treatment available from £295

Fat Freezing Before & After gallery

Slide left to right to unlock our fat freezing transformations.

*Disclaimer: Results and patient experience may vary. These are dependent on a number of factors such as age, medical history and lifestyle.

*Disclaimer: Results and patient experience may vary. These are dependent on a number of factors such as age, medical history and lifestyle.


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Had to return and give it 5 Stars! Happy with my treatments so far, amazing results and amazing staff including Shireen who always meets my needs. I would definitely recommend Hannah London its worth it.'
H. Fiazi
Really lovely ambience with great staff. Very professional and clean. Won’t be going anywhere else for all my treatments.'
Y. David
First time using their services and it couldn't have gone better. Expert customer service and the delivery was perfectly on time. Definitely would recommend their services and will use them again. '
O. Safi

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