Fat Freezing Treatment – What to Expect

Fat freezing is one of the newest additions to the advanced aesthetic treatments that we offer in our medispa in London. To introduce it, we have made this blog post that details what you can expect before, during and after a fat freezing treatment.

Before – Welcome to Hannah London

When you initially arrive to the Hannah London medispa, you are greeted to an overwhelmingly luxurious atmosphere and space. An oasis of calm, the medispa is decorated with an exotic décor comprising of gold, marble and glass accents as well as our signature fragrance and classical music.

Seated on our crushed velvet couch, you are served with complimentary hot towels and a selection of herbal teas, coffees and snacks. You will then meet your therapist who will take you into the fat freezing treatment room. Here they will explain how the treatment works and what to expect it to feel like – while showing you the MiCool fat freezing machine and making sure that you are completely comfortable and happy to begin the treatment.



During – What can be Squeezed gets Freezed

A cooling gel is applied to the area or areas of the your body that you are looking to target. Two paddles from the MiCool fat freezing machine are then placed onto these areas. Next, the machine uses a suctioning method to isolate these areas to then cool them. This is pain-free as it cools the skin and the fat deposits underneath it. While the majority of clients do not mind this at all, some do find it mildly uncomfortable for the first few minutes. Depending on what area of the body is being treated, fat freezing takes an average of sixty minutes to complete.

Once complete, your therapist will clean the gel away. They will also educate and empower you with after care information and answer any questions or queries you may have.

After – Fat Melts Away

Fat freezing works by freezing fat cells beneath the skin. It is believed that these fat cells become crystallised during the treatment and then break away before being naturally expelled from the body due to the natural work of your lymphatic system. The treatment has been studied extensively and research has shown that it can remove up to 25% of fat in an area after a number of treatments. To achieve the best results, clients are advised to retain an overall healthy lifestyle, fitness and diet routine to accelerate their fass lost results and assist with the toning of their bodies.

To assist in your aesthetic goals, ask about the Hannah London personal trainer who can customise an exercise and diet plan for you – as well as conducting personal training sessions in and around London city.


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