Fat Freezing – Popular Places to Treat


The fat freezing treatment can target the abdomen, stomach and tummy area to help tone and tighten the area. As the human body naturally stores fat in pouches here, many find it difficult to fully eliminate this through the likes of dieting and exercising. Therefore the treatment can help by targeting it specifically.


The flank or sides of the body can also be targeted. As fat deposits can take the form of rolls here, many are keen to minimise their appearance. This treatment is ideal for this and after a number of sessions a noticeable reduction in these flank fat deposits can be observed.


Toning is always popular in this area and can be sought after to ensure that the buttocks are pleasantly plump in the desired areas. A great way to streamline your desired shape and to highlight curves, fat freezing for the buttocks is often requested as it can specifically target this popular area.

Outer Thighs

At the leg area, the treatment can be used to target the outer thighs also. With this, the area can become tighter and more visibly taut. Likewise it can mean that the likes of jeans and shapewear can fit better as they grip the curves of the skin rather than the fat deposits.

Bra Line

Some find this an especially awkward area to target and tone. The fat freezing treatment however can target it with precision – a great way to help reduce and eliminate the bodily fat that gathers here and is made all the more visible when highlighted with and squeezed by a bra strap.

Inner Thighs

You are one step closer to having a thigh gap (should you desire one) with this treatment. Designed to reduce fat deposits in targeted areas just like this, the inner thighs are yet another popular area to treat and tone with fat freezing.


As you can see from above, the fat freezing treatment at Hannah London can target and tone many areas of the body. If there exists an area of the body that you can squeeze, the treatment can freeze it. Ideal to help reduce and eliminate the fat that seems to remain after your dieting and/or fitness efforts. Call on 02039365641, e-mail info@hannahlondon.com or click here to book online into our overwhelmingly luxurious medispa to avail of fat freezing.