Fat Freezing – Popular Places to Treat


The fat freezing treatment can target the abdomen, stomach and tummy area to help tone and tighten the area. As the human body naturally stores fat in pouches here, many find it difficult to fully eliminate this through the likes of dieting and exercising. Therefore the treatment can help by targeting it specifically.


The flank or sides of the body can also be targeted. As fat deposits can take the form of rolls here, many are keen to minimise their appearance. This treatment is ideal for this and after a number of sessions a noticeable reduction in these flank fat deposits can be observed.


Toning is always popular in this area and can be sought after to ensure that the buttocks are pleasantly plump in the desired areas. A great way to streamline your desired shape and to highlight curves, fat freezing for the buttocks is often requested as it can specifically target this popular area.

Outer Thighs

At the leg area, the treatment can be used to target the outer thighs also. With this, the area can become tighter and more visibly taut. Likewise it can mean that the likes of jeans and shapewear can fit better as they grip the curves of the skin rather than the fat deposits.

Bra Line

Some find this an especially awkward area to target and tone. The fat freezing treatment however can target it with precision – a great way to help reduce and eliminate the bodily fat that gathers here and is made all the more visible when highlighted with and squeezed by a bra strap.

Inner Thighs

You are one step closer to having a thigh gap (should you desire one) with this treatment. Designed to reduce fat deposits in targeted areas just like this, the inner thighs are yet another popular area to treat and tone with fat freezing.


As you can see from above, the fat freezing treatment at Hannah London can target and tone many areas of the body. If there exists an area of the body that you can squeeze, the treatment can freeze it. Ideal to help reduce and eliminate the fat that seems to remain after your dieting and/or fitness efforts. Call on 02039365641, e-mail info@hannahlondon.com or click here to book online into our overwhelmingly luxurious medispa to avail of fat freezing.

Fat Freezing Treatment – What to Expect

Fat freezing is one of the newest additions to the advanced aesthetic treatments that we offer in our medispa in London. To introduce it, we have made this blog post that details what you can expect before, during and after a fat freezing treatment.

Before – Welcome to Hannah London

When you initially arrive to the Hannah London medispa, you are greeted to an overwhelmingly luxurious atmosphere and space. An oasis of calm, the medispa is decorated with an exotic décor comprising of gold, marble and glass accents as well as our signature fragrance and classical music.

Seated on our crushed velvet couch, you are served with complimentary hot towels and a selection of herbal teas, coffees and snacks. You will then meet your therapist who will take you into the fat freezing treatment room. Here they will explain how the treatment works and what to expect it to feel like – while showing you the MiCool fat freezing machine and making sure that you are completely comfortable and happy to begin the treatment.



During – What can be Squeezed gets Freezed

A cooling gel is applied to the area or areas of the your body that you are looking to target. Two paddles from the MiCool fat freezing machine are then placed onto these areas. Next, the machine uses a suctioning method to isolate these areas to then cool them. This is pain-free as it cools the skin and the fat deposits underneath it. While the majority of clients do not mind this at all, some do find it mildly uncomfortable for the first few minutes. Depending on what area of the body is being treated, fat freezing takes an average of sixty minutes to complete.

Once complete, your therapist will clean the gel away. They will also educate and empower you with after care information and answer any questions or queries you may have.

After – Fat Melts Away

Fat freezing works by freezing fat cells beneath the skin. It is believed that these fat cells become crystallised during the treatment and then break away before being naturally expelled from the body due to the natural work of your lymphatic system. The treatment has been studied extensively and research has shown that it can remove up to 25% of fat in an area after a number of treatments. To achieve the best results, clients are advised to retain an overall healthy lifestyle, fitness and diet routine to accelerate their fass lost results and assist with the toning of their bodies.

To assist in your aesthetic goals, ask about the Hannah London personal trainer who can customise an exercise and diet plan for you – as well as conducting personal training sessions in and around London city.


For more information or to book your Fat Freezing treatment at the Hannah London Medispa
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Beauty Treatments in Colindale

Looking for beauty treatments in Colindale? Look no further as Hannah London is the perfect destination for all of your beauty needs. We specialise in delivering a range of aesthetic and advanced aesthetic treatments in our overwhelmingly luxurious salon and medispa. Our clients consistently praise us for our skills and services and we have also had many famous faces pamper themselves at Hannah London.

“Everyone at Hannah London was incredible, you get treated like absolute royalty and everyone is so warm and friendly! Perfect environment to put you at ease if going in for something like [lip fillers] or for pure relaxation if it’s a mani-pedi/haircut. It was such a pleasure!”
– Kashira Whitely

The salon aspect of Hannah London offers a range of hair treatments from our trained, qualified and passionate hair specialists. This includes hair cutting and styling, colouring, hair extensions and weaves and even beard colouring for the dapper gentleman. Our hair colouring has become known for its stunning results and thorough treatment, with the likes of balayage, ombre and highlights being especially popular.

If you have darker hair and think you can’t get lighter highlights for fear of them becoming copper or orange tones, our hair specialists can work their magic to ensure you have the beautiful blonde and fashionably fair highlights of your dreams.

With a wide range of luxurious skin rejuvenation facial treatments; your face can also be treated at Hannah London. We are also proud to offer more niche beauty treatments in Colindale such as henna art, wedding and bridal packages and male facial and nail treatments.

For those looking for more advanced aesthetic beauty treatments, Hannah London again is the ideal choice. Since we opened we have always strived to offer the most up-to-date treatment types and aesthetic technologies to comprise of our medispa offering. As such, today we offer clients an array of advanced aesthetic treatments including pain free and permanent laser hair removal, anti-wrinkle injections, lip fillers, skin peels, skin tightening, microblading and more.

Offering you overwhelming luxury in opulent surroundings, Hannah London is your perfect choice for beauty treatments in Colindale.

Call us on 02039365641, e-mail info@hannahlondon.com or click here for an appointment.

Hair Transformations at Hannah London

Here at Hannah London, we pride ourselves on the transformative nature of our pampering and advanced aesthetics treatments. This can be a visual transformation and/or a transformation in feeling and confidence. One of our most noticeable and popular before and after differences are that of hair treatments. From cuts and colours to extensions and weaves; clients always love the expert work of our hair specialists and consistently praise Hannah London with five-star reviews and positive testimonials. See some of our hair transformations and treatment types below.


Cuts and Colours

A new haircut or new hairstyle can bring with it a sense of trepidation. Will I like it? Will it suit me? But rest assured that our hair specialists will work with you at every step of the way to ensure that you are beyond happy with the shape and style of your new cut. We are happy to provide complimentary consultations with our clients before and of our treatments so that they can discuss in detail what they would like their new hairstyle to look like.




A new hair colour or highlights can really enhance your look and add a new dimension to it. Our hair specialists should really be called artists due to their stunning use of colour. No matter your natural hair colour or the hair colour that you present to Hannah London with (e.g. already dyed or coloured hair); they will make sure that you leave with the colour or highlights of your dreams. This includes if you have darker hair and are looking for a lighter shade added or applied to it without blonder for example looking like copper.

Do note that depending on your natural/dyed hair colour and the shade of colour that you desire it to become, this process can take a few hours to complete properly and professionally for the best and most long-lasting results. A patch test is also required at least 24 hours in advance of colouring treatments and this comes free as part of your complimentary hair consultation beforehand. At this consultation, your Hannah London hair specialist can asses what you are looking to have done and let your treatment in our overwhelmingly luxurioys salon will take.

Click here to see all of our Hair Treatments and prices and call us on 02039365641 to book.



“I LOVE MY HAIR! Its everything I’ve wanted! Thank you for making me feel pretty @hannahlondonspa” – Sheikh Beauty


Extensions and Weaves

To add luscious length and visual volume to your hair, extensions and weaves are the perfect choice. Luxurious hair extensions, such as micro and nano ring extensions, can be added to a quarter portion, half or all of your head to add these exquisite elements. We can also add a full weave option for those who desire a highly visual addition to their natural hair. As you can expect from the overwhelmingly luxurious Hannah London, our hair extensions and weaves are available in a wide range of wonderful colours. They also include options for normal, thick and fine hair types to ensure the absolute best results of your hair transformation.

Click here to see all of our Hair Treatments, prices and durations and call us on 02039365641 to book.




As you can see from the stunning before and after pictures above and our overwhelmingly positive testimonials, Hannah London is the ideal destination for hair transformations – an opulent oasis within the hair and medispa industry.


Call us on 02039365641 to book your chosen hair treatment and you will never look back.

Luxury Hair Extensions in London

For some of the most luxurious hair extensions in London, provided in an overwhelmingly luxurious environment, look no further than Hannah London. At our advanced aesthetics medispa in Colindale, our hair specialists work with the industry-leading Micro Ring and Nano Ring hair extensions to provide you with the hairstyle of your dreams.

Read on below to discover how these work, see some stunning before and after pictures and learn the incredibly competitive pricing of these amazing hair treatments at Hannah London.


Micro Ring Hair Extensions

As the name suggests, Micro Ring hair extensions are a subtle addition to your hair that results in a stunning look. They are applied with a small bead / ring that is expertly threaded into your hair and from this the hair extensions are applied. Clients can choose to have Micro Ring hair extensions applied to either half, three-quarters or their full head to add length and volume in the desired areas. A popular example of luxury hair extensions in London, the Micro Ring treatment is favoured by clients with hair that ranges between normal to thick as they add a beautiful boost of volume. After this treatment, your hair is sure to be the envy of all who see it. Read on below for prices.



Nano Ring Hair Extensions

Promoted as being applied with the smallest beads / rings in the world, Nano Ring hair extensions are ideal for those with hair that is naturally fine. Practically invisible to the naked eye, they are a supreme way with which to add natural looking length and volume to the hair. The tiny beads / rings can come in colours that match the natural root colour – therefore they seamlessly and cohesively blend in with your natural flow of hair. Choose Nano Ring for luxury hair extensions in London that will attract many compliments towards your amazing and admirable new hairstyle. They can be applied to either half, three-quarters or your full entire head of natural hair. Read on below for prices.

With either the luxury hair extensions of the Micro Ring or Nano Ring variety; you will be amazed at the completely natural look of your hair as those who see it would never be able to guess that you are wearing luxurious hair extensions. At Hannah London, clients can pick from a range of colours to suit their hair colour and chosen hairstyle. Our hair specialists treat your hair like a work of art – you won’t be disappointed by choosing them to add luscious length and visual volume to your natural hair with our luxurious hair extensions.


Before and After Pictures

Below you can see a stunning range of pictures which portray the results of our luxurious hair extensions. While each client arrives into our medispa with naturally beautiful hair to begin with, they leave with added length and added volume forming the hairstyle of their dreams. View these transformations to get inspired and then call us on 02039365641 to book your appointment (you can also click here to book).



Price List

Micro Ring Hair Extensions take from two hours onwards to complete:

A half-head amounts to £300

Three-quarters is priced at £500

Full head costs £700

Nano Ring Hair Extensions take from two hours onwards to complete:

A half-head amounts to £400

Three-quarters is priced at £600

Full head costs £800


Call us on 02039365641 or click here to book your appointment.

Mesoestetic Skincare at Hannah London

Hannah London are proud to stock an exquisite range of mesoestetic products within the confines of our overwhelmingly luxurious medispa. An industry leading and award winning brand, mesoestetic is a celebrated skincare line that is designed and developed to specifically suit different types of skin and our skincare specialists love using their products. Here we take a look at two of our most popular offerings using mesoestetic products; these being skin peels and SPF sun protection creams that are available to purchase from Hannah London.



Mesoestetic Skin Peels

Skin peels are a popular treatment for both men and women alike due to the various beneficial properties that they bestow upon your skin. Most popularly carried out on the facial area, a skin peel can in fact be applied to almost any part of the body such as the arms, back, legs and more. They can be used to target and minimise the appearance of enlarged pores, skin hyperpigmentation and stretch marks; while they can also combat skin acne and the visual appearance of skin ageing. As the mesoestetic products are formulated to work with the natural elements of the skin, the skin is receptive to them which allows for easy penetration into the dermal layers beyond dead skin cells.

Prior to your skin peel treatment, Hannah London provide you with a complimentary skincare analysis and consultation with one of our skincare specialists. The treatment costs £90 and if you purchase a package of five skin peel treatments, you receive an extra one for free. See below for a before and after example of the effects of our skin peel treatment.



Mesoestetic SPF Sun Protection

Skin sun protection is vital all year round – not just in the sunnier weather and summer months. It is not just the increased heat and temperature that comes with better weather that affects the skin, rather it is the UV rays which the sun emits all year round (basically anytime it is bright) that affects skin the most. These rays are harsh and harmful, with prolonged exposure to them increasing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles while also affecting the pigmentation of your skin (such as the appearance of dark spots) along with more serious skin health threats. Aware of these aspects, mesoestetic stock a stellar range of SPF sun protection creams to keep your skin protected and perfected when exposed to sunlight.

Here at Hannah London, many of your skincare treatments like the skin peels mentioned above are finished with the application of mesoestetic sun protection creams. We also have these available to purchase from our luxurious medispa, so that you can keep nourishing your skin with optimum and opulent protection as and when needed.



As you can see, we are big fans of the mesoestetic product range as they do skincare right. Knowledgeable about skin and its properties in tandem with the threats skin can face in the modern world, their products are curated to caress and buttress your skin with beautiful results.

Call Hannah London on 02039365641 to book or enquire about skin peels and / or our magnificent mesoestetic product range. You can also click here to book online.

Salon Skincare at Hannah London

With this stunning summery weather we are having, why not let your skin shine too with specialist salon skincare at Hannah London? Within our overwhelmingly luxurious salon, we offer a range of skincare treatments that can help you achieve blemish free, hair free, brighter and tighter skin. Discover our specialist skincare treatments below and call us on 02039365641 to book your appointment.


Discover Blemish Free Skin

Our skincare specialists use the industry-leading and highly-awarded mesoestetic product range for our popular skin peel treatment. Skin peels can be used on any part of the body to powerfully exfoliate the skin and help to eradicate blemishes such as acne, blackheads and dead skin cells. The below pictures show the amazing and visible before and after results from one of our clients’ skin peel treatment. Click here to discover our Skin Peels.


Screen Shot 2018-10-01 at 13.26.02


Discover Hair Free Skin

Using the innovative Soprano Ice Platinum laser hair removal system, clients can receive painless and permanent laser hair removal at Hannah London. A hugely popular skincare treatment, our laser hair removal is completed by our skincare specialists to ensure clients receive permanently hair free and smooth skin. Laser hair removal can be administered practically every part of the body (both male and female). We offer package discounts too, so call Hannah London on 02082826187 to book your appointment. Click here to discover our Laser Hair Removal.



“The best salon I have ever visited! I’ve been to Hannah London a number of times and each time I’ve not wanted to leave! The salon itself is so beautiful, relaxing and comfortable. Every treatment I’ve had from a pedicure to facial treatments have been excellent. Shireen is an amazing host, always takes the time to talk to you and is so sweet to my daughter. I wouldn’t go anywhere else and if I could give more than 5 stars I would.” – A. Thomas, Five-Star Google Review – January 2018


Discover Brighter Skin

Facials are a great way with which to restore radiance to the skin that will leave your face with a gorgeous glow. Apart from this aesthetic element, facials also replenish and rejuvenate the skin to help keep your face hydrated, exfoliated, poised and primed to court compliments. On top of that, they are also quite relaxing and our skincare specialists always ensure that you enjoy every minute of your luxurious facial treatment at Hannah London. Click here to discover all of our Facial Treatments.


Discover Tighter Skin

Using the sophisticated and innovative Alma Soprano aesthetic technology, skin tightening treatment is available at Hannah London. With this treatment, our skin specialists use the handheld device to gently pass it over the skin anywhere on your body. This encourages excess fluid and toxins to breakdown and leave the skin. Not only does this make it appear and feel tauter and tighter, it can also promote the growth of collagen to restore and retain a youthful lustre and vitality to the skin. Click here to discover our Skin Tightening treatment.



Hannah London are proud to offer specialist salon skincare to all of our clients. Skin rejuvenation and replenishment are just two of the many benefits that you will experience when you visit our overwhelmingly luxurious salon. You will also gain your dream appearance and confidence with your lighter, brighter, blemish free and hair free skin.


Call us on 020828268187 to book your skincare appointment at Hannah London.

Why Laser Hair Removal is the Best

Laser hair removal is one of our most popular treatments here at Hannah London. Our hair removal specialists use the industry-leading Soprano Ice Platinum laser technology to make laser hair removal a painless experience that offers a permanent solution to hair removal.

Yes you read that correctly; laser hair removal at Hannah London is painless and permanent. It is ideal for use on any part of the body (male and female). Here we explain why our laser hair removal system is far superior to more traditional hair removal methods like waxing, IPL (intense pulsed light) and epilation. All of the before and after pictures featured here show the stunning results of laser hair removal.



Why Laser Hair Removal is Better Than Waxing

Not only is waxing very painful, but the results only last between three to six weeks before hair growth can be seen again. Waxing is also not the kindest treatment for skin as it is quite a rough and forceful treatment. However waxing still remains popular as it can instantly remove hair – just not permanently. It also has to be noted that when completed by a professional waxing specialist, the pain and discomfort can be minimised.

We offer waxing treatments at our luxurious Hannah London medispa where our specialists make the treatment as comfortable and relaxing for you as possible.



Why Laser Hair Removal is Better Than Intense Pulsed Light (IPL)

Intense pulsed light (IPL) treatments focus a beam of light at the skin targeting hair follicles to break them down and reduce hair growth and appearance over time. While IPL can eventually result in permanent hair removal, it takes many more treatments than laser hair removal to meet this result. This is because IPL does not always target the deep hair follicles as precisely as laser hair removal.

Due to the intense power and heat of IPL, as the name implies, the treatment can be very irritating and uncomfortable (verging on painful) for the large areas of the body that it targets each time.



Why Laser Hair Removal is Better Than Epilation

While epilation is not as popular as it once was, it still retains a presence on the beauty circuit today. This is most likely due to most epilation devices being small and simple enough to use at home so that hair removal can be completed at a time and place that suits you. The trade-off for this convenience is that it is not a permanent solution (expect hair to return in three to six weeks) and it is known to be an extremely painful hair removal method. This is because epilators mechanically grab strands / areas of hair and forcibly pull them from the skin. When using epilation for a large surface area such as the legs, this can be a very painful and prolonged process that will have to be repeated in a matter of weeks.

As you can see, laser hair removal at Hannah London arguably offers both the best experience and the best results. For permanent and painless hair removal, our Soprano Ice Platinum system excels at offering this. Completed by our specialists in our opulent and overwhelmingly luxurious medispa, you are sure to love your permanent hair free results and your exquisite Hannah London experience.


Call us on 02039365641 to book your Laser Hair Removal treatment.

Massage at Hannah London – What Our Clients Say

Clients simply love our massage treatments at Hannah London. They replenish and rejuvenate both mind and body amongst the luxury and opulence of our salon. Our massage specialists are experts in the treatment and offer you many different options including the likes of full body, head and pregnancy massage. Read on below to see what they have to say about our serene massage service.


“I took my mum to Hannah London for a massage and it was incredible! Mum loved it and I was treated like royalty while waiting for my mum. Their salon is clean and luxurious and their customer service is amazing. Will be back soon.” – M. Kunduzi, Five Star Google Review


“My wife and I visited on a Saturday for her to have a “lash lift” while I had a deep tissue massage. From start to finish, Shireen and her team were absolutely fantastic. Hannah London has a lovely, relaxing atmosphere, my wife was extremely happy with her treatment and my massage was amazing – I felt brand new afterwards! We will definitely be returning at some point! Highly recommended.” – L. Geeza, Five Star Google Review


“Fab massage and hair at Hannah London. Feeling relaxed and renewed! Lovely luxurious setting and great welcome too.” – I. Hesford, Five Star Google Review


Call us on 0208206187 or click here to book your appointment.



“Wonderful experience 🙂 The Hannah salon has such a peaceful, cozy and relaxing atmosphere. The therapist Laurent is so caring and loving. The beauty treatments and massage were superb and I’ve enjoyed every minute of it. I was very much pampered with herbal teas, coffee and snacks. I was even amazed and speechless when they did a free hair consultation and blow dry for my Mum while I was in the treatment room. Thumbs up for Shireen, Bruna, Laurent, Hannah and all the staff.” – A. Hurday, Five Star Google Review


“This place is my home away from home. I visit every few weeks for different treatments, and look forward to my visit every time! All of the staff are so friendly, warm and welcoming and you are treated the same on every visit, this is why I continue to come back time and time again. The ambience on the salon is perfect and the decor is so well designed. The owner looks after her staff and it is reflected in their love for what they do, ensuring every client that walks through the door leaves with a smile on their face! I have had the laser (not painful at all!), numerous peels and dermapen by Lauren, massages, nail treatments and eyebrow threading, all 5* quality. Keep up the good work ladies!!” – R. Bottomly, Five Star Google Review


Call us on 0208206187 or click here to book your appointment.

Luxurious Guinot Facials at Hannah London

Guinot facials are among the most luxurious and pampering in the world. Not only do they give you a beautiful glow, but they replenish and rejuvenate your skin to make it appear brighter and feel tighter. Guinot facials are only carried out by our most senior and experienced skincare specialists. They will complete a free skincare analysis and consultation with you before your treatment, make sure you know what to expect before, during and after and will provide you with aftercare advice and/or documentation when required. Read on below to learn about the luxurious Guinot facials can call Hannah London on 02082086187 to book your appointment.


Hydradermie Facial £71 (around eighty minutes)

You may have heard of the word Hydradermie before; this is because it is one of the most famous and highly awarded facial treatments all around the world. The use of advanced aesthetic technology has proved revolutionary to this facial treatment as it works to harmlessly and painlessly penetrate the skin to replenish copious amounts of beneficial moisture and replenishment elements. Hydradermie facials are a decadently luxuriously treat. The Hydradermie Facial will leave you with glowing skin that is soft and replenished, moisturised and beaming.


Hydradermie Lift £65 (RRP £95) (around sixty minutes)

The Hydradermie Lift is a highly technological facial which uses micro currents in tandem with massaging techniques to produce stellar results. By stimulating the facial muscles with these double dose of methods, the muscles relax and therefore the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles are reduced. This popular facial also results in the face looking and feeling lifted, thus giving the facial its name, contoured and refreshed with a healthy and dewy glow.


Hydradermie Lift Deluxe £98 (around two hours)

This is the deluxe Guinot version of the standard Hydradermie Lift facial, as it takes twice as long for the skincare specialist to complete. The extra time is invested in beautifully redefining the contours and facial features by using an advanced aesthetic combination of micro-current technology in tandem with luxurious facial massage techniques. You can expect to both feel and look completely refreshed following this luxurious and highly sought after, deluxe Guinot facial treatment.


Call Hannah London on 02039365641 or click here to book your appointment.



Hydradermie Lift Eye Logic £60 (around forty minutes)

This treatment uses the world class Hydradermie system to rejuvenate the eye area. It focuses on minimising the most common aesthetic complaints that can affect the eyes such as the fine lines and wrinkles known as crow’s feet, bags, dark circles and puffiness under the eyes. By specifically targeting the eye area, the Hydradermie Lift Eye Logic system is a premier treatment for these specific aesthetic complaints. You will enjoy a beautiful refreshed look and feeling that lasts.


Hydra Peeling £70 (around sixty minutes)

This peeling facial focuses on skin rehydration and is available in two types. The Acid PH type, which utilises phytic acid, is usually recommended for all skin types as it works to strongly target visual complaints. If you have more sensitive or combination skin, the second type is the preferred type as it is designed to be more gentle on the skin through its use of natural cellulose. Both of the Hydra Peeling facials are followed up with luxurious and restoring facial creams along with expert massages and replenishing masks to prolong the beneficial effects of the facial treatment.


Age Summum £85 (around ninety minutes)

The Age Summum facial relies on a powerful combination of luxurious face creams to work wonders. With a targeted focus on anti-ageing properties and elements, the facial works to restore a youthful and natural looking lustre and glow to the skin. A rich exfoliating cream is utilised to replenish, resurface and rejuvenate the skin. After this, a concentrated serum that is enriched with beneficial Viatmin C is applied to promote the growth of fresher, therefore tighter, dermal layers.


Aromatic Facial £55 (around sixty minutes)

Natural essential oils are the main component of the this very relaxing aromatic facial massage. The beautiful oils are massaged into the face and work to replenish the skin by restoring beneficial oils and factors to the dermal tissue. This works to both hydrate the skin and also to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. The Aromatic Facial bestows upon you a beautiful and noticeable glow and will leave you and your feeling refreshed and radiant.


Call Hannah London on 02039365641 or click here to book your appointment.