Cryolipolysis in London Explained

Cryolipolysis in London is an advanced aesthetics treatment that targets and freezes fat cells in the body. Known also as fat freezing, this is an evidence-based treatment proven to help those who are left with stubborn pockets of fat despite their best efforts in terms of diet and exercise. Hannah London is an award-winning aesthetic paradise and we are delighted to offer Cryolipolysis in London.

This month only at Hannah London, get a Fat Freezing treatment for only £69 (usually £295).
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Your Fat Freezing Treatment at Hannah London
When you arrive to the custom-built overwhelmingly luxurious Hannah London medispa, you are greeted by our friendly receptionist. Your coat will be taken to the cloakroom while you are brought to our crushed velvet sofa to relax with complimentary nibbles and herbal tea (with a menu to choose your favourite tea). You will also be given a hot eucalyptus towel as you relax and unwind with subtle classical music playing in the background and the Hannah London signature fragrance in the air.

cryolipolysis in london two female fat freezing aesthetic therapistscryolipolysis in london aesthetic treatment room with white chair mirror and fat freezing treatment area

Your therapist will then greet you and bring you to our luxurious treatment room where they will explain the treatment process to you in full. Here you can ask them any questions you may have and have everything explained to you about your fat freezing treatment. Next you will lie down comfortably on the treatment bed while the area of your body that you are looking to receive the fat freezing treatment on (arms, stomach, sides etc.) will then be prepared.

Once ready, the paddles of the machine are placed onto the area of your body that you are looking to target. This then uses a suction technique to target the area and to cool it. A painless sensation, you may feel a tingling while this is at work freezing the fat cells beneath your skin – while your skin is unaffected by the cooling. The frozen fat cells are then known to crystallise and break away, then allowing your body to naturally flush them out using your lymphatic system. Fat freezing treatment at Hannah London takes up to 60 minutes on average. Choose Hannah London for your cryolipolysis in London treatment.

This month only at Hannah London, get a Fat Freezing treatment for only £69 (usually £295).

Call us on 02082026187, e-mail or click here to book!

“This place is perfection! From the moment you walk in you are in for a treat and you always leaving feeling incredible. I have had several treatments all of which have exceeded my expectations. Beautiful salon and amazing staff – do not go anywhere else!” – H. Howlett (Five-Star Google Review)

cryolipolysis in london dr kaywaan khan consulting a female client about fat freezing treatment at Hannah London

£49 Eyebrow Lift – December Offer

This month at Hannah London, we are offering our clients an eyebrow lift treatment for only £49.

eyebrow lift hannah london

This is a natural, non-invasive eye lift using our HIFU treatment (high intensity focused ultrasound) at the overwhelmingly luxurious Hannah London medispa – an award-winning aesthetic paradise.

Why having a subtle eyebrow lift is so popular?

Eyebrow lifts will give your eyes and eyebrow area beautifully open and bright eyes, an age-defying and gravity-defying aesthetic, a natural confidence boost and noticeable results both in pictures and in person.

£49 (RRP £200) Eyebrow Lift
This Month Only at Hannah London
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How can an eyebrow lift be achieved?
These are the three key modalities that are most popular amongst the aesthetic community used to achieve an eyebrow lift:

HIFU – £200
Non-invasive collagen-inducing approach
Immediate results that progressively improve over three to six months
Low complication rate
Virtually no down-time

Botox – £250
Quick and relatively painless
Results within a few days
Not permanent
Low complication rates

Brow Lift Surgery – £3500
Longer lasting more dramatic results
More expensive
Longer downtime
Higher complication rates



How does HIFU eyebrow lifting work?
HIFU is a handheld machine that your Hannah London skin specialist will pass over your eye and brow area. Virtually painless, it emits a focused beam of ultrasound that penetrates the skin (dermal) layers with energy. The immediate lift effect is through the contraction of superficial muscular aponeurotic system (SMAS) and over a longer period of time the collagen fibres realign and strengthen to give you long lasting results. In other words, not only will you see an immediate difference – the results will keep getting better over three to six months.


Why choose Hannah London?
Specialising in noticeable results, overwhelming luxury and exemplary service, Hannah London is an award-winning aesthetic paradise. Our treatments are only carried out by highly trained and experienced specialists and are overseen by our medical directors to ensure procedures are safe, successful and bring the most benefits possible to the client. There is a reason that we have over 130 five star Google Reviews and after your first visit to the luxurious Hannah London medispa, you are sure to see why.

£49 (RRP £200) Eyebrow Lift
This Month Only at Hannah London
Call 02082026187 to Book

“Absolutely stunning salon with all the impeccable touches to make you feel special from the second you walk through the door. All the services you need with highly trained staff that are knowledgeable, professional and fantastic! Definitely recommend for all the services provided!!”
– L. Armato (Five Star Google Review)