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Advanced Laser Hair Removal at Hannah London

Do you want pain-free, professional and permanent hair removal results? If so, our award-winning laser hair removal treatments are for you. We are offering discounts and savings across our full suite of laser hair removal treatments. This means that our clients can avail of the Soprano Ice Platinum laser technology to remove their stubborn hair growth and achieve the smooth skin they have always desired. Drop into our medispa for a free patch test or call us on 02039365634 to book.

There are three tiers to laser treatments that target different areas of the body. For a limited time only, we are now offering a discount on each tier when you purchase a package of six treatment and to guarantee that this is the best price on the market; we will refund you the difference if you find a price cheaper than what we offer using the award-winning Soprano Ice Platinum Laser Hair Removal System*. Therefore it is that bit easier to finally achieve smooth skin and eradicate stubborn hair growth.


Tier 1

Our Tier 1 Package was £250, now £240.

Tier 1 treatments target areas of the face and necklines as well as small areas on the body. Why not get a course of 6 on full face to cover face and neck areas for only £470! (was £500)

● Upper lip
● Chin
● Neck
● Jawline
● Sideburns
● Cheeks
● Eyebrows
● Earlobes
● Underarms
● Bikini
● Nipple
● Hands
● Feet & Toes

Course of 6 on one small area . . . LIMITED TIME ONLY £240 (was £250)
Course of 6 on full face and neck . . . LIMITED TIME ONLY £470 (was £500)


Tier 2

Our tier 2 package was £600, now £560. Tier 2 treatments target medium-sized areas of the body.

● Shoulders
● Lower Arm
● Upper Arm
● Upper Chest
● Abdomen
● Upper Back
● Lower Back
● Buttock
● Brazilian

Course of 6 on one medium area . . . LIMITED TIME ONLY £560 (was £600)


Tier 3

Our tier 3 package was £1000, now £900. Tier 3 treatments target larger surface areas.

● Full Chest & Abdomen
● Full Back
● Upper Legs
● Lower Legs
● Hollywood

Course of 6 on one large area . . . LIMITED TIME ONLY £900 (was £1000)


Full Body

With the Full Body package you can cover as much or as little as you want and get rid of all your unwanted face and body hair for perfectly smooth skin all over.

Single session (all areas – face & body) . . . £500
Course of 6 on Full Body. . . LIMITED TIME ONLY £2400! (SAVE £600)


“The staff are very attentive and no request is too little or too big. The treatments are great with amazing results as I had the pain free soprano platinum laser hair removal. I’ll be going back for more and recommending this place to anyone who will listen! Thank you Hannah London.” – Five-Star Google Review, 2017


The Soprano Ice Platinum laser that we use is a world-class piece of aesthetic technology that offers a pain-free and permanent solution to stubborn hair growth. The Hannah London Hair and Medispa is your destination for a perfectly beautiful salon experience. From our premises to our personnel, our products and our promotions; everything is designed and delivered with the client in mind.


To avail of our laser hair removal promotion, contact us on 02039365634.

*Terms & conditions apply, call for further details.